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Syberia: The World Before Achievements

Full list of Syberia: The World Before achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Syberia: The World Before has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Investigation completed Investigation completed 0 Unlock all of the achievements. 150
Clean slate Clean slate 0 Empty your email account. 10
Eavesdrop Eavesdrop 0 Try to listen to the other guest's phone conversation. 10
Tourism Tourism 0 Take all the photos you can with the telescope. 10
Pictorial dilemma Pictorial dilemma 0 Choose a painting for Herr Gustav. 10
Browser Browser 0 Search for all the terms you can on the computer. 30
Where is her bedroom? Where is her bedroom? 0 Find all the photos in the Roze's home. 10
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Find all the points of interest in the cemetery. 10
Be prepared Be prepared 0 Fill the water bottle before leaving base camp. 10
The super resistant The super resistant 0 Find the poster of the super resistant. 10
Art critic Art critic 0 Choose one of Leon's paintings and see it years later with Dana. 50
A classic novel A classic novel 0 Find all the copies of a literary classic. 10
Parallel investigation Parallel investigation 0 Achieve your first secondary goal. 20
Halfway there Halfway there 0 Achieve half of your secondary goals. 50
Nothing gets past me Nothing gets past me 0 Achieve all your secondary goals. 100

Secret Achievements

Leave a trace... Leave a trace... 0 Draw something for the bookseller in the wet cement. 30
…for the future …for the future 0 Look at Dana's drawing in the cement with Kate. 30
Old acquaintances Old acquaintances 0 Try to call a number from one of the previous games at the Academy of Music. 70
Back together again Back together again 0 Find Oscar again 20
Betrayed Betrayed 0 Report Leni…then try to justify your actions years later. 30
Loyal Loyal 0 Do not report Leni to Junta. 30
Freedom Freedom 0 Get out of the mine. 20
First clue First clue 0 Leave the Flower District. 20
The antique dealer The antique dealer 0 Leave the Antiques District. 20
The refuge The refuge 0 Leave the Silberspiegel refuge. 20
A stressful night A stressful night 0 Leave the Flower District again. 20
The final concert The final concert 0 Leave the Musicians District 20
Unexpected encounter Unexpected encounter 0 Leave Misty Bridge with Colonel Blake 20
Upsetting discovery Upsetting discovery 0 Leave the cemetery. 20
The letter The letter 0 Retrieve Dana's letter from the automaton. 20
Grief accomplished Grief accomplished 0 Get on board for a new destination. 120