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Who's Your Daddy?! Achievements

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Who's Your Daddy?! has 14 achievements worth 1025 gamerscore

Baby's First... Baby's First... 0 You won your first Baby game! 25
I'm Your Daddy I'm Your Daddy 0 You won your first Daddy game! 50
Turn a Rat into a Snack Turn a Rat into a Snack 0 This rat won't be squeaking anymore 50
Iced Iced Baby Iced Iced Baby 0 Freeze in the fridge as a Baby 25
What's Cooking? What's Cooking? 0 Mommy and Daddy's Homegrown BBQ! 25
Life's A Bleach Life's A Bleach 0 Drink 50 Gallons of Bleach 200
Daddy Let Me Drown Daddy Let Me Drown 0 Drown 25 Times 100
Baby's On Fire Baby's On Fire 0 AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 25
Doctor Daddy Doctor Daddy 0 Administer 25 Pills to Sick Babies 200
Fruit Based Fruit Based 0 Feed 25 Fruits to Babies 100
Riding Dirty Riding Dirty 0 Drink daddy drinks while driving baby car 50
Attempted Vehicular Infanticide Attempted Vehicular Infanticide 0 Run a baby over with a lawnmower 50
Deez Buffs Make Me Go Nuts Deez Buffs Make Me Go Nuts 0 Have 5 unique buffs at once 100

Who's Your Daddy?! - Title Update

There are 1 achievements with a total of 25 points.

Plumber's Apprentice Plumber's Apprentice 0 Use a plunger to unclog a clogged toilet. 25