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Kansei: The Second Turn HD Achievements

Full list of Kansei: The Second Turn HD achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kansei: The Second Turn HD has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Caught the Killer Caught the Killer 0 Solve the mystery and catch the culprit. 90
Unlocked Unlocked 0 Open the puzzle box and find its contents. 90
Face First Face First 0 Witness an unusual use of Aki's kansei. 90
Good Guess Good Guess 0 Figure out the killer, but there's no proof. 90
There Will be Blood There Will be Blood 0 Figure out the killer, but they die. 90
Locked Locked 0 Some of the suspects escape. 90
Secret Knowledge Secret Knowledge 0 Figure out what's on the SD card. 90
Who's to Say? Who's to Say? 0 Get to the end without figuring out the killer. 90
Lost Culprit Lost Culprit 0 Fail to stop the killer before they kill again. 90
Flip the Switch Flip the Switch 0 Go to the basement to restart the power. 50
Relive Death Relive Death 0 Manage to read the body's final moments. 90
Sticking Together Sticking Together 0 Choose to explore together. 50