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Cult of the Lamb Achievements

Full list of Cult of the Lamb achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cult of the Lamb has 42 achievements worth 1140 gamerscore

First Follower First Follower 0 The first devotee to the Cult of the Lamb. 15
Deal with the Devil Deal with the Devil 0 A deal that cannot be undone. 15
Preacher of Truth Preacher of Truth 0 Let the Word be known. 15
The First Death The First Death 0 Salvation awaits the fallen soul. 15
Death to Non-Believers Death to Non-Believers 0 Defeat first mini-boss. 15
The Flock Grows The Flock Grows 0 Gain 5 Followers. 30
Flock of Many Flock of Many 0 Gain 10 Followers. 30
Flock of All Flock of All 0 Gain 20 Followers. 50
Keeper of Secrets Keeper of Secrets 0 Take confession. 15
Leader of the Crusade Leader of the Crusade 0 Find all 5 locations. 30
Bringer of Light Bringer of Light 0 Reignite the lighthouse. 15
Full Flock Full Flock 0 Unlock all Follower Skins. 30
Full Deck Full Deck 0 Unlock all tarot cards. 30
Teach a Lamb to Fish Teach a Lamb to Fish 0 Catch 1 of every fish. 30
Crosser of Thresholds Crosser of Thresholds 0 A new world awaits. 15
Sacrificial Beast Sacrificial Beast 0 Sacrifice a Follower. 15
Weigher of Souls Weigher of Souls 0 Sacrifice 20 Followers. 50
Hoarder of Wealth Hoarder of Wealth 0 Have 666 gold coins. 30
Weapons of Plenty Weapons of Plenty 0 Unlock all weapons. 30
Curses of Plenty Curses of Plenty 0 Unlock all curses. 30
Devotion Devotion 0 Fully Upgrade Cult. 30
Transform Transform 0 Unlock a new fleece. 15
Transmute Transmute 0 Unlock all fleeces. 30
Cannibal Cannibal 0 Cook a Follower meat meal. 15
Gospel Gospel 0 Unlock all sermon upgrades. 30
Game of Chance Game of Chance 0 Win a game of Knucklebones. 15
Master of Chance Master of Chance 0 Defeat all opponents in Knucklebones. 30
Godhood Godhood 0 No longer a servant no less than a God. 70

Secret Achievements

See No Evil See No Evil 0 Defeat Leshy. 15
Speak No Evil Speak No Evil 0 Defeat Heket. 15
Hear No Evil Hear No Evil 0 Defeat Kallamar. 30
Think No Evil Think No Evil 0 Defeat Shamura. 30
Do No Evil Do No Evil 0 Defeat the One Who Waits. 50
Order Order 0 Beat Leshy without taking damage. 30
Sate Sate 0 Beat Heket without taking damage. 30
Cure Cure 0 Beat Kallamar without taking damage. 30
Peace Peace 0 Beat Shamura without taking damage. 30

Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith

There are 5 achievements with a total of 140 points.

Relics of the Old Faith Relics of the Old Faith 0 Collect all Relics. 30
Shake Down Shake Down 0 Get your Gold back from Midas. 15
Slayer of Souls Slayer of Souls 0 Complete a row in Purgatory. 50

Secret Achievements

True Love Found True Love Found 0 Reunite Aym and Baal with Forneus. 15
Leader of Leaders Leader of Leaders 0 Indoctrinate all five Bishops into your Cult. 30