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Curious Expedition 2 Achievements

Full list of Curious Expedition 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Curious Expedition 2 has 60 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Abominable Hunger Abominable Hunger 0 Allowed an Abomination to eat a party member 10
Everything is FINE... Everything is FINE... 0 Has a character with 6+ mental ailments 10
Zookeeper Zookeeper 0 Completed an island with an all-animal party 10
Islander Understanding Islander Understanding 0 Fully completed 5 Anthropology checklists 10
The New Director The New Director 0 Completed a year of Director Mode 10
The Director Perseveres The Director Perseveres 0 Completed 10 years of Director Mode 10
A Paris Sunset A Paris Sunset 0 Completed Director Mode 100
The Director is Dead The Director is Dead 0 Failed Director Mode 10
SCHMETTERLING SCHMETTERLING 0 Collected 50 butterflies 10
And Here Is Your Statue And Here Is Your Statue 0 Finished the campaign with at least 10000 total Fame 10
Traveller Traveller 0 Finished the campaign on Traveller difficulty 20
Adventurer Adventurer 0 Finished the campaign on Adventurer difficulty 80
Lunatic Lunatic 0 Finished the campaign on Lunatic difficulty 100
Iron Man Iron Man 0 Finished the campaign without dying 10
Pacifism Ain't Easy Pacifism Ain't Easy 0 Played the entire campaign without killing anything in combat 10
A Perfect Map A Perfect Map 0 Fully completed a Cartography map on a 4-region island 10
Roll to Save Roll to Save 0 Completed 100 dice challenges 10
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Discovered 15 locations 10
Discovery Discovery 0 Discovered 500 locations 10
Under the Table Under the Table 0 Won all rounds of the drinking contest 10
Fire and Flood Fire and Flood 0 Killed an enemy using the environment 10
Red Flag Pirate Red Flag Pirate 0 Found buried treasure 10 times 10
X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot 0 Found buried treasure 50 times 10
The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 Finished the first expedition in 1886 10
Risk/Reward Risk/Reward 0 Finished 20 three-skull expeditions 10
It's Complicated It's Complicated 0 Witnessed a cross-species love affair 10
For the Club! For the Club! 0 Participated in a Club Competition 10
Plays Well With Others Plays Well With Others 0 Completed a year without your Standing ever dropping below zero 10
Taxonomist Taxonomist 0 Killed 30 animal groups 10
No Laughing Matter No Laughing Matter 0 Killed 100 hyenas 10
Shortening of the Way Shortening of the Way 0 Killed a Giant Sandworm 10
Shennong Herbalist Shennong Herbalist 0 Learned 10 tribe types 10
The Workshop The Workshop 0 Lux Labs: Reached max club level 10
The Round Table The Round Table 0 The Royal Avalon Society: Reached max club level 10
The Great Library The Great Library 0 The Taishi Academy: Reached max club level 10
Veteran Explorer Veteran Explorer 0 Promoted a character to max level 10
Spooky! Spooky! 0 Met a ghost 10
Look Ma, No Equipment! Look Ma, No Equipment! 0 Completed an island with nothing equipped 10
Insomnia Insomnia 0 Completed an island without resting 10
Nahua Seeker Nahua Seeker 0 Completed 5 islands without killing anything in combat 10
Uncertain Loyalties Uncertain Loyalties 0 Had a Pale Mask as a member of your trek 10
From Whence we Came From Whence we Came 0 Entered a Portal to a Corrupted world and returned back 10
Level Up Level Up 0 Promoted a character 100 times 10
Good Mama Good Mama 0 Raised a dinosaur from egg to adulthood 10
A Gentle Beast A Gentle Beast 0 Tamed the mysterious Red Elk 10
Practical Palaeontology Practical Palaeontology 0 Rode a dinosaur 10
Plunderer Plunderer 0 Robbed 10 Shrines 10
Cold Blood, Warm Heart Cold Blood, Warm Heart 0 Freed the salamander prince 10
Frugal Frugal 0 Completed a standard expedition without buying anything from the Ship Shop 10
I Set Forth Again... and Again... and Again. I Set Forth Again... and Again... and Again. 0 Earned 100000 total fame 10
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt 0 Brought back 500 fame of items in one expedition 10
Very Classy Very Classy 0 Unlocked all explorer classes 10
Errand Runner Errand Runner 0 Completed 20 village quests 10
Dapper Dapper 0 Wore a hat 10

Secret Achievements

Now I've Seen It All Now I've Seen It All 0 Saw all campaign endings 150
A Familiar Figure A Familiar Figure 0 The Inspector returned to your service 10
A Strange Artefact A Strange Artefact 0 Completed Act I 10
Lost & Found & Lost Again Lost & Found & Lost Again 0 Completed Act II 10
O Captain My Captain O Captain My Captain 0 Completed Act III 10
It's Not Too Late It's Not Too Late 0 Returned a Pale Mask trek member to normal 10