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My Time at Sandrock Achievements

Full list of My Time at Sandrock achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Time at Sandrock has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Kind of a Big Deal Kind of a Big Deal 0 Workshop upgraded to 5 stars. 90
Builder of the Month Builder of the Month 0 Have your workshop ranked as #1 for the month. 90
Commissions, commissions...! Commissions, commissions...! 0 Complete 100 Commissions. 30
Financially Secure Financially Secure 0 Get 10,000 Gols. 30
Pack Mule Pack Mule 0 Unlock 50 backpack slots. 30
It's High Noon... It's High Noon... 0 Have 20 duels. 15
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter 0 Defeat 20 elite monsters. 15
Do Your Part Do Your Part 0 Clean up trash 50 times. 15
Newton Newton 0 Kick something from trees 50 times. 15
Unboxing Unboxing 0 Open 50 chests. 15
It Belongs in a Museum! It Belongs in a Museum! 0 Done 40 exhibits to the museum. 15
Diamonds are Forever Diamonds are Forever 0 Obtain 1 diamond. 15
Waste Not Want Not Waste Not Want Not 0 Pick up feces 50 times. 15
First Love First Love 0 Have a romantic relationship with any character. 30
I Do! I Do! 0 Marry any character. 90
Chatterbox Chatterbox 0 Chat 200 times. 15
Santa In Training Santa In Training 0 Give 100 gifts. 15
Got the Receipt? Got the Receipt? 0 Give a hated gift. 15
One of the Cool Kids One of the Cool Kids 0 Make friends with 10 people. 30
Who Ya Gonna Call...? Who Ya Gonna Call...? 0 Won first place in the ghost hunting event. 30
Got Served Got Served 0 Won first place on the hardest difficulty in the dance contest. 30
Pro Gamer Pro Gamer 0 Get 500 Game Center coins. 30
Panda-kin Panda-kin 0 Never going to stay up all night again... 15
On that Grindset On that Grindset 0 Use 500 stamina in one day. 15
Officially Official Officially Official 0 Successfully registered the workshop. 15
Better Late than Never Better Late than Never 0 Assemble and install the Crane Lift. 30
What Plants Crave What Plants Crave 0 Make a Hydrogel. 30
Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap 0 Repair the Shonash bridge. 30
Got the Flow Back Got the Flow Back 0 Repair the Water Tower. 90
Sepia Toned Memories Sepia Toned Memories 0 Find all of Mort's photos. 100