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Infernax Achievements

Full list of Infernax achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Infernax has 42 achievements worth 1225 gamerscore

Filth Chisel Filth Chisel 0 Purchase the Squire his first tool 15
Deathhammer Deathhammer 0 Purchase an Evil tool for the Squire 15
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 0 Parade your Duke in any village 15
All Within My Hands All Within My Hands 0 Fully upgrade all the Squire's tools 15
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0 Block a projectile with the Squire's shield on the ground 15
One More Rep One More Rep 0 Make the Mayor work his core 15
Abandoned Abandoned 0 Turn around and take the boat 15
Sweating Bullets Sweating Bullets 0 Play a game with a friend... with guns... 15
Soldiers Of The Wasteland Soldiers Of The Wasteland 0 Complete a game with a friend 50
A Good Day to Die A Good Day to Die 0 Complete good playthrough 15
Cursed to Crawl Cursed to Crawl 0 Complete evil playthrough 15
Hallowed Be Thy Name Hallowed Be Thy Name 0 Complete ultimate good playthrough 50
Reign in Blood Reign in Blood 0 Complete ultimate evil playthrough 50
Madness at the Core of Time Madness at the Core of Time 0 Travel to the future and defeat Azazel 75
Free Will Sacrifice Free Will Sacrifice 0 Complete the game as good after turning evil 80
Master of the Wind Master of the Wind 0 Summon the tornado 15
Sins of Omission Sins of Omission 0 Leave all the work to Tancred 15
Too Scared to Scream Too Scared to Scream 0 Listen to Hans' story... ALL OF IT 15
Set the World Afire Set the World Afire 0 Save at all statues after becoming evil 15
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck 0 Defeat 5 enemies with one Thunder/Fire storm 15
Premonition of Pain Premonition of Pain 0 Reflect a projectile and defeat 3 enemies 15
Here Come the Tears Here Come the Tears 0 Complete the game on Classic Mode 75

Secret Achievements

Meat Sandwich Meat Sandwich 0 Eat. the. wall. chicken. 15
From Vanity To Utility From Vanity To Utility 0 Take a shortcut to Stormheim Castle's chest 25
Sleep Is For The Dead Sleep Is For The Dead 0 Sleep until you can't sleep no more 15
Master of the Pit Master of the Pit 0 Defeat Mahalmon, The Spewer of Lies 15
Regurgitated Guts Regurgitated Guts 0 Defeat Kalamon, The Glutton of Pain 15
Holy Diver Holy Diver 0 Defeat Leviathan, The Sunken Corruptor 15
Only a Heartbeat Away Only a Heartbeat Away 0 Defeat Apollyon, The Cursed Cherubim 15
King of the Rotten King of the Rotten 0 Defeat Alastor, The Hope Devourer 15
Flames of Armageddon Flames of Armageddon 0 Defeat Belphegor, The Father of Destruction 75
Slaves of Pain Slaves of Pain 0 Obtain the final weapon 50
Hammer Smashed Face Hammer Smashed Face 0 Learn the Guided Strike Skill 15
Guilty of Innocence Guilty of Innocence 0 Have Gregor perform an exorcism 15
I Am the Law I Am the Law 0 Slay Sir Tancred 75
Devoid of Redemption Devoid of Redemption 0 Begin down the path of evil 50
The Armor of Ire The Armor of Ire 0 Obtain the final armor 50
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire 0 Get the Necronomicon from Robert's cold dead hands 50
Call from the Grave Call from the Grave 0 Defeat Paimon again 15
Behind the Wall of Sleep Behind the Wall of Sleep 0 Cleanse the dreamscape 15
Imaginations from the Other Side Imaginations from the Other Side 0 Enter a code in the Game Wizard book 50
Revelation of Judgment Day Revelation of Judgment Day 0 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right....etc 15