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Jack 'n' Hat Achievements

Full list of Jack 'n' Hat achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Jack 'n' Hat has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Get 100 Diamonds 50
Rest Easy Rest Easy 0 Activate a Check Point Box for the first time. 50
Hat Brawler Hat Brawler 0 Defeat 5 Enemies using Hat Throw 50
First Jumps First Jumps 0 Jump 25 times. 25
The End Of The Beggining The End Of The Beggining 0 Get The Crystal and Clear one Level 75
Just Getting The Hang Of It Just Getting The Hang Of It 0 Died 5 times 75
First Aid Training Paid Off First Aid Training Paid Off 0 Used a Medicine 75
Good-old Head Stomping Good-old Head Stomping 0 Defeat 5 Enemies by jumping on their heads 75
Hat Swinger Hat Swinger 0 Throw your hat 40 times 75
Explosion Chain! Explosion Chain! 0 Cause a TNT Explosion Chain of 2 or more TNT crates 75
Eager To Learn Eager To Learn 0 Read 3 hint signs. 75
Beam Me Up, Expo! Beam Me Up, Expo! 0 Warped Into A Level 4 times. 75
Hat beats Gun Hat beats Gun 0 Defeat a Green Gunner. 75
Crate Breaker Crate Breaker 0 Break 100 Crates. 75
Boss Encounter! Boss Encounter! 0 Get into a fight with Echo. 75