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The Gallery Achievements

Full list of The Gallery achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Gallery has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Date Night Date Night 0 Accept Taylor's invitation for a drink. 10
No Messing No Messing 0 Don't let Megaphone Mel off the hook. 10
Last-Minute Addition Last-Minute Addition 0 Hang Sam's portrait on the wall. 10
Helping Betty Helping Betty 0 Provide guidance to Blake. 10
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Dorian tries to assist as best he can. 20
Cold Heart Cold Heart 0 A failure to engage has fatal consequences. 100
No Haggling No Haggling 0 Turn down Taylor's offer. 10
Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground 0 Fight back against Megaphone Mel. 10
Uncle Morgan Uncle Morgan 0 Talk to Charlie but let him down as usual. 10
No Fire without Smoke No Fire without Smoke 0 Smoke a cheeky cig. 10
Terrible Throw Terrible Throw 0 Choose the further target and miss. 20
Artful Swindler Artful Swindler 0 Riley gets nothing. 20
Growing a Conscience Growing a Conscience 0 Femi gets something. 20
Throw a Bone Throw a Bone 0 Provide compensation to Sam and Muffin. 20

Secret Achievements

Bad Memory Bad Memory 0 Tell Taylor the wrong code for the front door. 20
Do or Die Do or Die 0 Risk it all it all by rising to your feet. 30
Sabateur Sabateur 0 Spike Dorian's water. 100
Portrait Pyro Portrait Pyro 0 Burn Nicky's portrait. 30
Unlikely Ally Unlikely Ally 0 Megaphone Mel tries to repay your kindness. 30
Jamie To The Rescue Jamie To The Rescue 0 Jamie arrives to make amends. 100
Morgan the Maimer Morgan the Maimer 0 Allow Dorian to leave with a gunshot wound. 30
Hold Your Tongue Hold Your Tongue 0 Don't dignify Dorian with a critique. 30
Brush with the Law Brush with the Law 0 Navigate Robin's questions peacefully. 30
Homewrecker Homewrecker 0 Reveal Morgan and Nicky's affair. 30
Unexpected Guest Unexpected Guest 0 Unwittingly make Riley show up. 30
We are Legion We are Legion 0 Femi's true colours revealed. 100
Cold Call Cold Call 0 Call the police. 30
Revival Revival 0 Alex survived! 100
Corrupting the Youth Corrupting the Youth 0 Dorian provides Charlie with words of warfare. 30