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Ambition Record Achievements

Full list of Ambition Record achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ambition Record has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Novice Walker Novice Walker 0 Walked 5,000 steps. 10
Amateur Walker Amateur Walker 0 Walked 15,000 steps. 20
Mature Walker Mature Walker 0 Walked 25,000 steps. 30
Treasure Lover Treasure Lover 0 Collected 50 treasure chests. 10
Treasure Collector Treasure Collector 0 Collected 100 treasure chests. 20
Treasure Professor Treasure Professor 0 Collected 200 treasure chests. 30
Brave Mercenary Brave Mercenary 0 Defeated 100 enemies. 10
Strong Mercenary Strong Mercenary 0 Defeated 400 enemies. 20
Extraordinary Mercenary Extraordinary Mercenary 0 Defeated 800 enemies. 30
Equipment User Equipment User 0 Synthesized and converted equipment 20 times. 10
Equipment Artisan Equipment Artisan 0 Synthesized and converted equipment 40 times. 20
Equipment Master Equipment Master 0 Synthesized and converted equipment 80 times. 30
All Quests Completed All Quests Completed 0 Cleared all sub-quests. 70
Master Swordsman Master Swordsman 0 Cleared the Swordsman course. 70
Fortune-Telling Fighter Fortune-Telling Fighter 0 Cleared the Fortune Teller course. 100
Singing Fighter Singing Fighter 0 Cleared the Wandering Minstrel course. 100

Secret Achievements

A Mercenaries' War A Mercenaries' War 0 Watched the opening. 10
The Goddess of Victory The Goddess of Victory 0 Joined up with the sub-chief. 10
Mercenary Apprentice Mercenary Apprentice 0 The priestess joined the band of mercenaries. 10
The Front Line The Front Line 0 Defeated Viscount Sean. 10
The Ancient Dragon Soul The Ancient Dragon Soul 0 Unlocked the power of the Dragonstone. 10
The Dragon King Balthazar The Dragon King Balthazar 0 Confronted Balthazar. 10
A Village in Epidemy A Village in Epidemy 0 Rescued the captured villagers. 10
Chief Mogra Chief Mogra 0 Dutoose clan joined the party. 10
Rescuing Queen Rescuing Queen 0 Rescued the captured Queen Cassandra. 20
Reunion with a Prince Reunion with a Prince 0 Joined Prince Fernan. 20
Betrayal of Passe Town Betrayal of Passe Town 0 Got out of Passe Town. 20
Counterattack Counterattack 0 Sent up the beacon of counterattack against Balthazar. 30
Francia Retaken Francia Retaken 0 The prince and the queen returned to the castle. 30
The Evil Dragon Univeil The Evil Dragon Univeil 0 The King Dragon has risen. 50
Looking for Peace Looking for Peace 0 Watched the normal ending. 70
The Four Mercenaries The Four Mercenaries 0 Watched the happy ending. 100