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Webbed Achievements

Full list of Webbed achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Webbed has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Cast-on Cast-on 0 Wove your first web 20
1000 Thread Count Luxury 1000 Thread Count Luxury 0 Wove 1000 Webs 100
Safety First Safety First 0 Wore a Helmet 20
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Rolled a dung ball down the hill 20
Hi Honey, I'm Home! Hi Honey, I'm Home! 0 Got a lift from a bee 20
Together at last Together at last 0 Reunited with your boyfriend 50
Flew the Coup Flew the Coup 0 Sent the bowerbird away 50
Virtuous Virtuous 0 Finished the main story without eating a single fly 100
You Monster You Monster 0 Ate every fly 40
Prettiest Princess Prettiest Princess 0 Get a princess crown from the Queen 50
Substitute Teacher Substitute Teacher 0 Recovered all of the ant larvae 20
Babysitter Babysitter 0 Helped all the baby spiders home 40
Hide and Seek Champion Hide and Seek Champion 0 Found all the golden webs 50
Bridge Builder Bridge Builder 0 Helped Mike and Wendy cross the puddles 20
Learn 2 Sk8 Learn 2 Sk8 0 Earned your own skateboard 50
Search and Rescue Search and Rescue 0 Pulled the spider-bot out of the rubble 50
Collector Collector 0 Completed your sticker book 100
Floor is Lava Floor is Lava 0 Travelled 20 meters without landing on solid ground. 100
Strictly Bugroom Strictly Bugroom 0 Danced with every species of bug 100