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Tux and Fanny Achievements

Full list of Tux and Fanny achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tux and Fanny has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 Found the button lying on the kitchen floor. 25
Skull Legs Skull Legs 0 Braved the fear-soaked world of Skull Legs and emerged triumphant. 25
Agile Auto Agile Auto 0 Got the new high score in Agile Auto. 25
Wiggle Worm Trilogy Wiggle Worm Trilogy 0 Successfully traversed the digestive systems of a horse and a fish and then went home. 25
Bad Boy Bubble Bad Boy Bubble 0 Reached the bottom of the ocean and partied with a crab. 25
Selfish Snake Selfish Snake 0 Learned the value of working together (and eating your own tail). 25
Maggot Mayhem Maggot Mayhem 0 Ate a mouse, a rabbit, a fox, a horse, and an elephant! 25
Magic Maker Magic Maker 0 Overcame your existential crisis. 25
Reliable Robot Reliable Robot 0 'Helped' people until they asked you to stop. 25
Ant Acquisition Ant Acquisition 0 Got the chicken dinner. 25
Cool Cloud Cool Cloud 0 You are the coolest cloud around. 25
Read a Book Read a Book 0 You spent some quality time with your nose in a book. 25
Topsy Turvy Tubing Topsy Turvy Tubing 0 You lost and then found yourself on a relaxing ride down the river. 25
Fire Family Fire Family 0 You rescued your whole family on the hardest difficulty. 25
Tim Tooth Tim Tooth 0 You set a new high score in Tim Tooth. 25
Pet a Bunny Pet a Bunny 0 You pet a bunny. It was soft. 25
Cruisin' Cycles Cruisin' Cycles 0 You conquered the trail. 25
Adventure Brain Adventure Brain 0 You discovered that leaving a game disk in a fish tank will irreparably break that game. 25
Grand Gorilla Grand Gorilla 0 You avoided Herbert long enough to smash some vases. 25
Goblins Goblins 0 You appeased every goblin, and now they consider you a friend. 25
Unicorn Power Unicorn Power 0 You're fairly certain that you found a unicorn. 25
Skiing Skiing 0 You didn't get eaten on your way down the mountain. 25
Solitaire Solitaire 0 You won solitaire. 25
Desert Temple Desert Temple 0 You beat the Blue Demon, finally. 25
Sasquatch Sasquatch 0 You played a song on your thumb piano and Sasquatch loved it. 25
Giant Fly Giant Fly 0 You fought the giant fly with everything you had, and emerged victorious. 100
Puzzle Tractor Puzzle Tractor 0 You solved all the tractor puzzles. 25
Birds, Flowers, Bugs Birds, Flowers, Bugs 0 You filled every page of your bird and bug book and flower book. 100
Soccer Soccer 0 You went on a big adventure, and then you played soccer with your best friend. 100
Blizzard Beads Blizzard Beads 0 You teamed up and showed that evil snow spider who was boss. 25
Help a Fairy Help a Fairy 0 You helped a fairy, and it unlocked this achievement. 25