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Thea 2: The Shattering Achievements

Full list of Thea 2: The Shattering achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Thea 2: The Shattering has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Explorer Explorer 0 Complete all Theopedia terrain entries 100
Gatherer Gatherer 0 Complete Resources research tree 100
Craftsman Craftsman 0 Complete Items research tree 100
The Pantheon The Pantheon 0 Unlock all gods 100
Veteran Veteran 0 Reach lvl 20 on a character 100
Unshaken Unshaken 0 Finish the main quest playing on hard difficulty 100
Kindergarten Kindergarten 0 Start with two human children only and survive 100 turns 100
Traveler Traveler 0 Visit another biome 100
Chicken Chicken 0 Retreat from a difficulty 1 challenge 100
My Precious My Precious 0 Craft The Other Ring using only Tier 5 materials 100
Enlightened Enlightened 0 Finish the main quest and become allied with the Light 0
Starved Starved 0 Have a character die in a group without food 0
Rat Of Destiny Rat Of Destiny 0 Finish the Divine Path quest with a chosen who started as a rat 0
Wanderer Wanderer 0 Win without founding a village 0
Like The Plague Like The Plague 0 Destroy 5 settlements 0
Btw I'm a Btw I'm a 0 Do not let your people consume meat or meat-containing meals for 50 turns 0
Crazy Chef Crazy Chef 0 Have 20 different food types in a group's inventory 0
Row Your Boat Row Your Boat 0 Travel 1000 tiles on sea 0
First Strike First Strike 0 Eliminate all opponents before the Fight Phase begins 0
Party Night Party Night 0 Have only Goblin Wine as food in your party during 3 consecutive night turns 0
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Win a difficulty 5+ challenge without sustaining any damage 0
Master Smith Master Smith 0 Craft 50 equipment items 0
Red Ridge Redemption Red Ridge Redemption 0 Recruit Captain Bear 0
Beat The Odds Beat The Odds 0 Win a challenge that autoresolve deemed to be unbeatable 0
Pierogi Hut Pierogi Hut 0 Trade for 3000 worth of items using only food 0
Whoa Look At The Time Whoa Look At The Time 0 Play for 500 turns 0