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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Achievements

Full list of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bag Blisterz Booty Bag Blisterz Booty 0 Bounty Blisterz Booty 10
Starting the Journey Starting the Journey 0 Complete the tutorial 10
Wash my hands of this mess Wash my hands of this mess 0 Bounty Filthy Hands Floyd 10
Clean the Water Clean the Water 0 Bounty Looten Duke 10
Spank that booty! Spank that booty! 0 Bounty Boilz Booty 10
Dumb it down Dumb it down 0 Rescue Eugene Ius 10
Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout ma mama Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout ma mama 0 Bounty Jo’ Mamma 10
Go Organic Go Organic 0 Bounty Meagly McGraw 15
Junkyard Challenge Junkyard Challenge 0 Bounty Packrat Palooka 15
Mine your business! Mine your business! 0 Bounty X’plosives McGee 15
The Sleg Avenger! The Sleg Avenger! 0 Bounty Lefty Lugnutz 15
You scratch my back You scratch my back 0 Bounty Elboze Freely 15
Too Much Fuzzle Pie Too Much Fuzzle Pie 0 Bounty Fatty McBoomBoom 15
You know too much You know too much 0 Take out D. Caste Raider 15
Giving a Leg Up Giving a Leg Up 0 Get to Last Legs. 15
Dam Sekto! Dam Sekto! 0 Enter the Lower Dam. 15
Elevate yourself Elevate yourself 0 Take out a Gloktigi. 15
Regain that spring in your step Regain that spring in your step 0 Reach the Upper Dam. 15
Now there’s two? Now there’s two? 0 Take out Sekto’s personal bodyguards. 30
Smack down Sekto! Smack down Sekto! 0 Defeat Sekto. 90
Back in the Village Back in the Village 0 Defeat the Wolvark attackers in the Native Village 30
Get 'em Get 'em 0 Bounty 250 Outlaws 30
Get 'em goooooood! Get 'em goooooood! 0 Bounty 250 Outlaws alive. 90
Mo Moolah Mo Moolah 0 Have 20,000 Moolah when you take the barge to Doc’s Mongo Retreat. 90
Go with the Flo. . . Go with the Flo. . . 0 Find a hidden bottle of medicine. 15
Crystal Mess Crystal Mess 0 Collect 25 orange crystals. 30
Finders, Filchers Finders, Filchers 0 Collect 40 Moolah chests. 30
Free the Meat Free the Meat 0 Destroy the 10 hidden barrels. 90
Slakker Clakker Slakker Clakker 0 Finish the game on Easy 15
Stranger Danger Stranger Danger 0 Finish the game on Normal 30
Sekto Suicide Sekto Suicide 0 Finish the game on Hard 90
Farmer Harmer Farmer Harmer 0 Kill Farmer Beeks 15

Secret Achievements

Hidden What?! Hidden What?! 0 Find the Black Market. 30
Grubb Idol Grubb Idol 0 Find the hidden Grubb Idol 30
Dirty Water Dirty Water 0 Find the hidden entrance into the Wolvark Barracks 15
Too Big For Your Bridges Too Big For Your Bridges 0 Leap the broken bridge! 15