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Ziggurat 2 Achievements

Full list of Ziggurat 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ziggurat 2 has 60 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Catch Them All Catch Them All 0 Unlock all creatures in the campaign bestiary 10
A wizard is never late A wizard is never late 0 Complete a Quest 10
Magic Arsenal Magic Arsenal 0 Unlock all weapons in the campaign 10
Jeweler Jeweler 0 Unlock all amulets in the campaign 10
Full Deck Full Deck 0 Unlock all perks (excluding hero perks) in the campaign 10
No Vacancy No Vacancy 0 Unlock all heroes in the campaign 10
Terminator Terminator 0 Defeat 1,000 enemies 10
Ultraviolence Ultraviolence 0 Defeat 5,000 enemies 20
Black Plague Black Plague 0 Defeat 10,000 enemies 30
Rules have changed Rules have changed 0 Win a fight with an active modifier 10
Like the back of my hand Like the back of my hand 0 Reach mastery level 10 or higher in a weapon, hero or amulet 10
Stronger and Stronger Stronger and Stronger 0 Improve a skill in the Laboratory 10
Feel the Power Feel the Power 0 Improve all skills of the same category in the Laboratory 10
Somebody stop me Somebody stop me 0 Reach Floor 10 in the Infinite Dungeon 25
Me against the world Me against the world 0 Play the Daily Challenge and reach Floor 2 or better 20
Like old times Like old times 0 Win the Ziggurat Trial in Classic Modes 20
Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? 0 Complete 60 waves in the Gauntlet 10
Let yourself go Let yourself go 0 Perform 4 Oaths in the same run 10
Forged by Fire Forged by Fire 0 Improve a weapon using the Anvil 10
I'll take everything I'll take everything 0 Purchase all items offered in a shop 20
Thirsty Thirsty 0 Drink from 20 Fountains 10
Overspecialization Overspecialization 0 Carry 3 main weapons of the same element 20
A worthy opponent A worthy opponent 0 Defeat a Guardian 10
The first step The first step 0 Reach Experience Level 2 in a run 10
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Reach Experience Level 10 in a run 15
Scholar Scholar 0 Reach Experience Level 20 in a run 25
Arch-mage Arch-mage 0 Reach Experience Level 30 in a run 40
With a hand tied behind your back With a hand tied behind your back 0 Win a Quest without using level ups 25
It's all I need It's all I need 0 Win a Quest using only your Wand 25
Lemon Squeezy Lemon Squeezy 0 Defeat a Guardian without suffering damage 20
Head to Head Head to Head 0 Defeat a Lost Soul with the Skull of Xanatos 10
Old School Old School 0 Complete a floor without using the Dash or the Hero skill 10
Errand boy Errand boy 0 Win all special fights 25
All for me All for me 0 Attract 20 or more items in a single use of Syphon 15
Tsunami Tsunami 0 Push 20 enemies or more in a single Shove 15
As good as new As good as new 0 Completely refill your Mana pools in a single use of Shell 15
The Gods are pleased The Gods are pleased 0 Defeat 15 enemies in a single use of Sacrifice 15
Didn't see it coming Didn't see it coming 0 Defeat 5 enemies in a single use of Shroud 15
Without getting your hands dirty Without getting your hands dirty 0 Win a fight without firing a single shot 15
Hup! Hup! 0 Defeat 5 enemies in a single use of Vault 15
Kaboom! Kaboom! 0 Hit 8 enemies with a single use of Flask 15
Barbeque Barbeque 0 Defeat 10 enemies with a single use of Blaze 15
A little of their own medicine A little of their own medicine 0 Use Shield Bash on a Vanguard 15
Explorer Explorer 0 Find all pieces of the Master Key 10
Eyes on the prize Eyes on the prize 0 Win a Chained Chest challenge 10
Titan Titan 0 Beat the Ziggurat Trial in Master difficulty or higher 75
Nirvana Nirvana 0 Extend the duration of Trance over 15 seconds 15

Secret Achievements

A wizard did it A wizard did it 0 Finish the Tutorial 10
The Free Agent The Free Agent 0 Complete Chapter 1 10
Desperate measures Desperate measures 0 Complete Chapter 2 10
War in the North War in the North 0 Complete Chapter 3 10
The Hidden Lab The Hidden Lab 0 Complete Chapter 4 10
Old School Reunion Old School Reunion 0 Complete Chapter 5 20
Lost Civilization Lost Civilization 0 Complete Chapter 6 20
Impregnable Barrier Impregnable Barrier 0 Complete Chapter 7 20
The Fortress The Fortress 0 Complete Chapter 8 30
The Second Ziggurat The Second Ziggurat 0 Complete Chapter 9 50
Again! Again! 0 Fail a Quest 10
Ouch! Ouch! 0 Get defeated by a trap 10
Met your match Met your match 0 Get defeated by a Guardian 10