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Grounded - Into The Wood Achievements

Full list of Grounded - Into The Wood achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Grounded - Into The Wood has 8 achievements worth 400 gamerscore

Get Yoked Get Yoked 0 Infuse yourself with 20 regular Milk Molars 50
Shrinky and the Brain Shrinky and the Brain 0 Achieve level 10 Brainpower 50
Glob Job Glob Job 0 Upgrade a tier 3 item to the max level at the Smithing Station 50
Aim Small Aim Small 0 Kill a flying bug with an arrow from over 30 cm away 25
Underexposed Underexposed 0 Snap a picture using Photo Mode 25
Splinter Master Splinter Master 0 Craft tier 3 arrows 50

Secret Achievements

Sticky Hands Sticky Hands 0 Plug the Haze canister 50
Black Ant Hill Lab Black Ant Hill Lab 0 Complete the Black Ant Hill Lab 100

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