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Age of Empires III - Mexico Civilization Achievements

Full list of Age of Empires III - Mexico Civilization achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Age of Empires III - Mexico Civilization has 10 achievements worth 150 gamerscore

Devout Learner Devout Learner 0 Researched 10 technologies in your Cathedral. 20
Truly Revolting Truly Revolting 0 Revolted 5 times as the Mexicans. 25
Compañía Fusileros Compañía Fusileros 0 Deployed '6 Soldados' from your shipments as the Mexicans. 5
Estados Unidos Mexicanos Estados Unidos Mexicanos 0 Sent 10 Mexican Federal Cards. 5
Guerrilleros Mexicanos Guerrilleros Mexicanos 0 Dealt 5000 Damage with Salteadores. 10
Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers 0 Trained 200 Insurgentes. 20
Desperado Desperado 0 Dealt 10,000 damage with Mexican Outlaws. 20
Mexican Victory Mexican Victory 0 Won a game as the Mexicans. 5
Strategist Strategist 0 Used 4 different "Plan" cards. 15
Mexican Statesman Mexican Statesman 0 Picked each Federal State once. 25

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