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CHRONO CROSS: The Radical Dreamers Edition Achievements

Full list of CHRONO CROSS: The Radical Dreamers Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

CHRONO CROSS: The Radical Dreamers Edition has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Awakening The Awakening 0 Wake up after having cleared the labyrinth for the first time in the dream. 15
The Dream Labyrinth The Dream Labyrinth 0 Re-visit the labyrinth in Fort Dragonia—this time, for real. 15
The Nemesis The Nemesis 0 Defeat Lynx at Fort Dragonia. 15
The Enemy of the World The Enemy of the World 0 Defeat Dark Serge at Fort Dragonia. 15
The Anomaly The Anomaly 0 Use the Dragon God relics at the Dead Sea Ruins to enter the Sea of Eden. 15
The End and the Beginning The End and the Beginning 0 Arrive in Chronopolis, the Time Fortress. 15
The Defiant The Defiant 0 Defeat FATE, the mother computer of Chronopolis. 15
The Long-Lost Element The Long-Lost Element 0 Obtain Chrono Cross, the rainbow-aligned Element. 15
The Devourer Undone The Devourer Undone 0 Defeat the evolved form of the Time Devourer. 30
A New Future A New Future 0 See the good ending. 80
An Unchanging Future An Unchanging Future 0 See the bad ending. 30
The Developers' Room The Developers' Room 0 See Ending 1: The Developers' Room. 30
The Acacian Empire The Acacian Empire 0 See Ending 2: The Acacian Empire. 30
The Magical Dreamers The Magical Dreamers 0 See Ending 3: The Magical Dreamers. 30
The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes 0 See Ending 4: The Shop Staff and the Three Unlikely Heroes. 30
The Rebirth of Marbule The Rebirth of Marbule 0 See Ending 5: The Rebirth of Marbule. 30
The Last Stand The Last Stand 0 See Ending 6: The Last Stand. 30
The Viper Orphanage The Viper Orphanage 0 See Ending 7: The Viper Orphanage. 30
The Dark Fate The Dark Fate 0 See Ending 8: The Dark Fate. 30
The Dragon God's Revenge The Dragon God's Revenge 0 See Ending 9: The Dragon God's Revenge. 30
The Veteran The Veteran 0 Triumph in 500 battles. 80
Deadly Delta Deadly Delta 0 Use the triple tech Delta Force. 15
Z One and Only Z One and Only 0 Use the triple tech Z-Slash. 15
A Tactical Retreat A Tactical Retreat 0 Flee from a battle. 15
The Recruiter The Recruiter 0 Use the Chrono Cross item to recruit all party members. 80
The Ultimate Weapon The Ultimate Weapon 0 Create a rainbow weapon. 15
The Ultimate Armor The Ultimate Armor 0 Create a piece of rainbow armor. 15
The Second Coming The Second Coming 0 Defeat Dario and reforge Serge's Sea Swallow into the Mastermune. 25
Hall of Framer Hall of Framer 0 Collect all 15 types of window frame. 25
Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy 0 Successfully feed the dragons 100 times in the dragon-feeding mini-game. 15
Grand Champion Grand Champion 0 Complete the Grand Slam. 15
Immoral Compass Immoral Compass 0 Get 10,000 points in the compass roulette mini-game. 15
Gold Stars for Everyone Gold Stars for Everyone 0 Obtain 99 level-growth stars. 80
Flight of the Swallow Flight of the Swallow 0 Use Serge's unique level 7 tech, Flying Arrow. 15
Lucca's Legacy Lucca's Legacy 0 Use Kid's unique level 7 tech, Hot Shot. 15
Call of the Void Call of the Void 0 Use Lynx's unique level 7 tech, Forever Zero. 15
Lunacy Lunacy 0 Use Harle's unique level 7 tech, Lunairetic. 15