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Know by heart... Achievements

Full list of Know by heart... achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Know by heart... has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Sweet Oblivion... Sweet Oblivion... 0 Get every achievement in the game 200
Punctual Punctual 0 Be on time for your work and for a walk with Asya 10
Jack of All Jack of All 0 Heed to Genghis' request and help out with Galya's bags 10
Helichopter Helichopter 0 Discover the first memory 10
Night Owl Night Owl 0 Discover 3 night memories 30
Chatterbox Chatterbox 0 Call all available numbers during a day 10
Nostalgia Nostalgia 0 Discover all memories 100
Mapmaker Mapmaker 0 Fill out the entire map 100
End of the Line End of the Line 0 Finish the story 150

Secret Achievements

Seventh Sky Seventh Sky 0 Asya's kiss on cheek 30
Lawful Citizen Lawful Citizen 0 Refuse to steal the car with Asya and Artyom 10
Tea Ceremony Tea Ceremony 0 Correctly serve tea to everyone 10
Dreams Come True Dreams Come True 0 Asya's kiss on the roof 40
Precious Relic Precious Relic 0 Retrieve a photo from outside and place it on its right place 30
Quick Thinking Quick Thinking 0 Find Asya without Genghis' help 50
Diplomacy Diplomacy 0 Convince Artyom to stay 30
Flowers of Life Flowers of Life 0 Save all children from fire 50
One Step Ahead One Step Ahead 0 Find the archive before Artyom asks you to do so 50
Elusion Elusion 0 Find Asya without getting caught by the army 50
Family Family 0 Make your family reunite in the epilogue 30