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Full list of JANITOR BLEEDS achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

JANITOR BLEEDS has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let There Be Light Let There Be Light 0 Find the flashlight 50
Afternoon at Hemo's Afternoon at Hemo's 0 Enter the arcade 50
Uncovered Uncovered 0 Uncover the events of the arcade 50
Glitchy Any% Glitchy Any% 0 Beat the game in under 60 minutes 50
Loremaster Loremaster 0 Read all notes in the game 50
HIGHSCORE HIGHSCORE 0 Reach the maximum score at JANITOR 50

Secret Achievements

Lights Out Lights Out 0 Unleash the Entity 50
Janitor.Print(Key); Janitor.Print(Key); 0 Receive help from an unexpected source 50
Totally Screwed Totally Screwed 0 Find the screwdriver 50
Solid Janitor Solid Janitor 0 Evade the Entity in the toilet 50
Foam Party Foam Party 0 Find the extinguisher 50
Fastest Gamer in the West Fastest Gamer in the West 0 Find the guns 50
Entity = null Entity = null 0 Defeat the Entity 50
Source: not found Source: not found 0 Defeat the Source 50
Broken Cycle Broken Cycle 0 Reach the good ending 50
Become the Janitor Become the Janitor 0 Reach the bad ending 50
Almost Unbearable Almost Unbearable 0 Solve the teddy bear mystery 50
P.A.S.S. P.A.S.S. 0 Use extinguisher on the Entity 50
Blind Attraction Blind Attraction 0 Tease the Entity with flashlight 50
Payday! Payday! 0 Open a coin slot 50