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Soul Hackers 2 Achievements

Full list of Soul Hackers 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Soul Hackers 2 has 47 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Hackers 2 0 Obtained all achievements, and completed Soul Hackers 2 in its entirety. 120
Summoners' Past Summoners' Past 0 Completed 1 Vision Quest for all teammates. 10
New Summoner in Town New Summoner in Town 0 Completed 3 or more requests/Aion Directives. 10
Legendary Summoner Legendary Summoner 0 Completed 85 or more requests/Aion Directives. 30
Blade Novice Blade Novice 0 Knocked down 10 or more enemies on the field. 10
Blade Master Blade Master 0 Knocked down 50 or more enemies on the field. 30
Trek Novice Trek Novice 0 Unlocked 4 or more Portals in dungeons. 10
Trek Master Trek Master 0 Unlocked 70 or more Portals in dungeons. 30
Hanging in there, team? Hanging in there, team? 0 Talked with demonic allies on recon 15 times. 10
Thanks for Everything Thanks for Everything 0 Talked with demonic allies on recon 70 times. 30
The Sabbath Begins The Sabbath Begins 0 Performed a sabbath. 10
Walpurgisnacht Walpurgisnacht 0 Performed a sabbath with a Stack of 10 or more. 10
Witch-Queen of Demons Witch-Queen of Demons 0 Performed 100 sabbaths or more. 10
Superb Command Superb Command 0 Used a Commander Skill. 10
Battle-Scarred Commander Battle-Scarred Commander 0 Used all Commander Skills. 30
Element of Surprise Element of Surprise 0 Performed 10 or more bonus attacks. 10
Giantkiller Giantkiller 0 Achieved victory over a Risky Enemy. 10
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Achieved victory against a Rare Enemy. 10
Hardcore Hacker Hardcore Hacker 0 Won the final battle on HARD difficulty. 30
Artisan's Craft Artisan's Craft 0 Upgraded a COMP at COMP Smith. 10
Tara's Magnum Opus Tara's Magnum Opus 0 Performed 150 or more COMP upgrades at COMP Smith. 30
Friends in Low Places Friends in Low Places 0 Received a gift from a demonic ally. 10
Just Set it with the Rest Just Set it with the Rest 0 Received 30 or more gifts from demonic allies. 10
A Profane Performance A Profane Performance 0 Performed a Normal Fusion. 10
A Mythological Marvel A Mythological Marvel 0 Performed a special fusion. 10
A Mitama Masquerade A Mitama Masquerade 0 Performed a Mitama fusion. 10
Business is Booming Business is Booming 0 Performed 30 or more fusions. 10
It Had to be You It Had to be You 0 Created a Pixie with Megidolaon. 10
Compendium Completionist Compendium Completionist 0 Filled the Demon Compendium's registry to 100% completion. 90
Hedonist-in-Training Hedonist-in-Training 0 Bought items at all shops and vending machines. 10
It's great to have a body! It's great to have a body! 0 Experienced 30 or more different meals. 30

Secret Achievements

Soul Hacked Soul Hacked 0 Hacked Arrow's soul. 10
Arrow's Memories Arrow's Memories 0 Neutralized the abnormality in the Soul Matrix. 10
A Long Farewell A Long Farewell 0 Defeated the threat waiting in the Central Line. 10
Comeback Gambit Comeback Gambit 0 Defeated the threat waiting at Ozaki Hope Towers. 10
Beyond the Infinite Beyond the Infinite 0 Watched over Ringo and her teammates' departure. 90
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost 0 Watched over the dawn of a new era for Aion and humanity. 90
Moment of Respite Moment of Respite 0 Went to a Hangout Event. 10
A Toast to Us A Toast to Us 0 Went to over 40 Hangout Events. 10
Past and Present Entwined Past and Present Entwined 0 Completed 4F of someone's Soul Matrix. 10
Soul Matrix Transcension Soul Matrix Transcension 0 Completed 5F of someone's Soul Matrix. 30
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Dealt over 1,000 damage to an enemy in a single attack. 10
One Fell Swoop One Fell Swoop 0 Eliminated 4 enemies or more in a single attack. 10
Calculated Calculated 0 Defeated an enemy via repelled damage. 10
The Invisible Hand The Invisible Hand 0 Spent over 2,000,000 yen on shopping, COMP upgrades, fusion, and Compendium costs. 10
First Meal First Meal 0 Experienced a meal. 10
Brimming with Curiosity Brimming with Curiosity 0 Chatted with pedestrians in the city 50 times or more. 10