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Splash Cars Achievements

Full list of Splash Cars achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Splash Cars has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Level Master I Level Master I 0 Finish level 5. 20
Level Master II Level Master II 0 Finish level 10. 40
Level Master III Level Master III 0 Finish level 15. 100
Coin Hunter I Coin Hunter I 0 Collect a total of 1,000 coins. 20
Coin Hunter II Coin Hunter II 0 Collect a total of 4,000 coins. 40
Coin Hunter III Coin Hunter III 0 Collect a total of 8,000 coins. 100
Speedy Collector I Speedy Collector I 0 Collect 6 power ups with your car. 20
Speedy Collector II Speedy Collector II 0 Collect 18 power ups with your car. 40
Speedy Collector III Speedy Collector III 0 Collect 48 power ups with your car. 100
Miles Traveler I Miles Traveler I 0 Reach 10,000 miles. 20
Miles Traveler II Miles Traveler II 0 Reach 25,000 miles. 40
Miles Traveler III Miles Traveler III 0 Reach 50,000 miles. 100
Star Gazer I Star Gazer I 0 Reach a 3-star rating. 20
Star Gazer II Star Gazer II 0 Reach four 3-star ratings. 40
Star Gazer III Star Gazer III 0 Reach eight 3-star ratings. 100
Car Owner I Car Owner I 0 Own the car Bug. 20
Car Owner II Car Owner II 0 Own the car Petite. 80
Car Owner III Car Owner III 0 Own the car Supremer. 100