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Re:Turn 2 - Runaway Achievements

Full list of Re:Turn 2 - Runaway achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Re:Turn 2 - Runaway has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Across the Pond Across the Pond 0 Complete Chapter 1. 60
Better The Devil You Know Better The Devil You Know 0 Complete Chapter 2. 60
Burning Bridges Burning Bridges 0 Complete Chapter 3. 60
Blast From the Past Blast From the Past 0 Complete Chapter 4. 60
Reunion Reunion 0 Complete Chapter 5. 60
Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt 0 Complete Chapter 6. 60
Body of Work Body of Work 0 Complete Chapter 7. 60
At Long Last At Long Last 0 Complete Chapter 8. 60
A Bittersweet Victory A Bittersweet Victory 0 Say a final good-bye to your friends. 60
Wait, Didn't We Just...? Wait, Didn't We Just...? 0 Experience deja vu as Sen suggests you and your friends go camping. 60
Hell Hath No Fury Hell Hath No Fury 0 Do the unthinkable... and kill Sen. 50
The Ultimate Cat Nap The Ultimate Cat Nap 0 Find the dead cat. 50
Put It All Together Put It All Together 0 Combine your first inventory items. 50
A Shadow of His Former Self A Shadow of His Former Self 0 Discover the identity of the Shadow Creature. 50
Explorer Explorer 0 Search every inch of the shack. 50
End of the Line End of the Line 0 Got killed by the Shadow Creature 50
Dear Diary Dear Diary 0 Collect all Journal Pages. 50
Meowt of Control Meowt of Control 0 Pet the cat 10 times. 50