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Ikai Achievements

Full list of Ikai achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ikai has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Village protector Village protector 0 Seals for the villagers written 30
A short daydream A short daydream 0 Sister tagged in less than 1 minute 50
Escape the flames Escape the flames 0 Didn’t get burned on the way to the shrine 30
Pray from the distance Pray from the distance 0 Tossed the coin from a far distance 50
Silent woods Silent woods 0 Went unnoticed escaping from the forest 100
Cut the cursed songs Cut the cursed songs 0 Got the right instrument in a single attempt 50
Seal master Seal master 0 Completed a seal without losing or repeating it 100
Warrior of destruction Warrior of destruction 0 Broke every destructible object with the katana 50
A short nightmare A short nightmare 0 Got the katana in less than 1 minute 30
The collector The collector 0 Got all the collectibles 100
Folktale believer Folktale believer 0 Got all the yokai pages 100
No wrong pattern No wrong pattern 0 Correct pattern drawn without any mistake 50

Secret Achievements

Time of the dead Time of the dead 0 Awoken after the opening of the gate 30
The unholy shrine The unholy shrine 0 Reached the unholy shrine 30
Novice priestess Novice priestess 0 Completed the first purification ritual 30
Slither away Slither away 0 Escaped from the forest 30
Skilled priestess Skilled priestess 0 Completed the second purification ritual 30
Expert priestess Expert priestess 0 Completed the third purification ritual 30
The crime’s author The crime’s author 0 Wielded the murder weapon 30
The beginning of the end The beginning of the end 0 Completed the ultimate ritual 50