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Whiskey & Zombies Achievements

Full list of Whiskey & Zombies achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Whiskey & Zombies has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Kill First Kill 0 You killed your first zombie! 30
Experienced Zombie Slayer Experienced Zombie Slayer 0 You have killed 100 zombies 30
Extra Experienced Zombie Slayer Extra Experienced Zombie Slayer 0 You have killed 1000 zombies 90
Arcade Hero Arcade Hero 0 You have unlocked the arcade game 80
Sledgehammer'd Sledgehammer'd 0 You have drunk a bottle of Sledgehammer 30
Whiskey Drinker Whiskey Drinker 0 You have drunk 100 bottles of whiskey 80
New Roads Completed New Roads Completed 0 You have survived New Roads alive! 90
Opelousas Completed Opelousas Completed 0 You got your Opelousas stash back! 30
Lafayette Prison Completed Lafayette Prison Completed 0 You've escaped Lafayette Prison like a boss! 30
Atchafalayas Completed Atchafalayas Completed 0 You made it back from the Atchafalaya swamps alive! 30
Backwoods Completed Backwoods Completed 0 You've made in and out of the backwoods and lived to tell the tale!! 30
St.Louis Cemetery Completed St.Louis Cemetery Completed 0 You've crossed over to the other side! 30
The Great Southern Zombie Escape! The Great Southern Zombie Escape! 0 You did the Great Southern Zombie Escape! 80
Bayou Survivor Level 1 Bayou Survivor Level 1 0 Alive for 2 minutes. Pretty decent but still just zombie fodder! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 2 Bayou Survivor Level 2 0 Alive for 5 minutes. You can hold your own in the zombie apocalypse! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 3 Bayou Survivor Level 3 0 Alive for 7 minutes. Mr. Slayer in the house! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 4 Bayou Survivor Level 4 0 Alive for 9 minutes. Some serious redneck survival skills! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 5 Bayou Survivor Level 5 0 Alive for 10 minutes. Drinking songs will be written in your honor! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 6 Bayou Survivor Level 6 0 Alive for 15 minutes. The King of Southern Zombie Hospitality! 30
Bayou Survivor Level 7 Bayou Survivor Level 7 0 Godlike! 80
Drunk Driving Expert Drunk Driving Expert 0 You killed 50 zombies driving 80