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Paradise Killer Achievements

Full list of Paradise Killer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paradise Killer has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Scholar of the Pantheon Scholar of the Pantheon 0 Discovered there sure are a lot of horrifying gods out there! 25
Scholar of Demons Scholar of Demons 0 Conquered your stomach churning dread and spoke to Shinji a lot. 25
Scholar of Island Sequences Scholar of Island Sequences 0 Discovered that some past islands sound nice. Others should never be spoken about. 25
Seeing the Lines Seeing the Lines 0 Discovered a series of mysterious recordings. 25
Paradise Playlist Paradise Playlist 0 Found all of the music tracks. 25
More Refreshing than a Cosmic Apocalypse More Refreshing than a Cosmic Apocalypse 0 Drank a lot of refreshing beverages. 25
These Islands are Weird These Islands are Weird 0 The water on the island has awakened abilities you didn't know you had. 25
Collecting Crests Like in ‘96 Collecting Crests Like in ‘96 0 Hunted down all of the red crests. 25
Good Girl Good Girl 0 Bear-chan deserved that treat, she's a good girl. 25
Helper of Sorrowful Ghost Helper of Sorrowful Ghost 0 Found the missing gem and returned it. 25
Helper of Searching Ghost Helper of Searching Ghost 0 Uncovered a terrible crime and told the ghost about it. 25
Helper of Angry Ghost Helper of Angry Ghost 0 Found a letter that someone hoped would change the world. 25
Helper of Vampire Victim Ghost Helper of Vampire Victim Ghost 0 Found that the Syndicate will always cover things up. 25
Helper of Power Station Ghost Helper of Power Station Ghost 0 Helped someone that really loved their fish. 25
Gazing at the Cosmos Gazing at the Cosmos 0 Acquired the Cosmos Starlight upgrade 25
Monolithic Dread Monolithic Dread 0 A hacker once went insane trying to break the logic on these symbols. 25
Frightening Rituals Frightening Rituals 0 Acquired the Worship Starlight upgrade 25
The Sweetest Taste The Sweetest Taste 0 Acquired Elusive Chocolate 25
Honest Work Honest Work 0 Found what someone hoped would never be found. 25
White Lilies White Lilies 0 Surprisingly, speaking to a god wasn't the weirdest part of your day. 25
Hall of the Dead Hall of the Dead 0 Accessed a hall filled with black marble. 25
Accessing Secrets Accessing Secrets 0 Worked out how to break into the Marshal barracks. Good job! 25
I’m Downright Amazed I’m Downright Amazed 0 Used the pile bunker gauntlets. 50
Philosophy of Soldier Philosophy of Soldier 0 Learned about the Grand Marshal's pain. 25
Philosophy of Architect Philosophy of Architect 0 Learned about the Architect's design philosophy. 25
Philosophy of Idol Philosophy of Idol 0 Learned about the quiet pain of someone forced to live a life they didn't choose. 25
Philosophy of Doctor Philosophy of Doctor 0 Learned about a complicated man. 25
Philosophy of Citizen Philosophy of Citizen 0 Learned about injustice. 25
Philosophy of Driver Philosophy of Driver 0 learned about your oldest friend. 25
Philosophy of Bar Master Philosophy of Bar Master 0 Learned how to make a good drink. 25
Philosophy of Zealot Philosophy of Zealot 0 Learned about the Chaos Palace. 25
Philosophy of Secretary Philosophy of Secretary 0 Learned about someone insufferable. 25
Philosophy of Ghost Philosophy of Ghost 0 Learned about a spirit that cannot know peace. 25
When a God Weeps When a God Weeps 0 Activated the statues and heard a weeping that broke your heart. 25
Return Water to Paradise Return Water to Paradise 0 Reactivated the farm. Is there a secret here as well? 25
Accelerated Justice Accelerated Justice 0 Completed the game in nearly world record time. 25
Generation Remix Generation Remix 0 Customised your look with pre-approved images! 25
Conversations about the Future Conversations about the Future 0 Saw all of the conversations from drinkers in the future. 25

Secret Achievements

Infinite Terror Infinite Terror 0 Went to space and set foot on the esoteric plateau. 25