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World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Achievements

Full list of World Championship Boxing Manager 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 has 54 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Greenhorn Greenhorn 0 Reach Novice Tier 15
Chasing Bronze Chasing Bronze 0 Reach Bronze Tier 15
Cry Me a Silver Cry Me a Silver 0 Reach Silver Tier 15
Gold Turkey Gold Turkey 0 Reach Gold Tier 15
We Run the World We Run the World 0 Reach World Class Tier 15
Legendary Manager Legendary Manager 0 Reach World Class Tier with more than one boxer 30
Definitely Not Rigged Definitely Not Rigged 0 Reach World Class Tier without losing 90
Mechanical Dozen Mechanical Dozen 0 Reach 10 rounds in a match without getting winded 15
Opportunity Strikes Opportunity Strikes 0 Knock out an opponent while they are winded 15
Teeth for Breakfast Teeth for Breakfast 0 Knock down the opponent in the first round 15
One Punch Boxer One Punch Boxer 0 Win after knocking out the opponent with the first punch that connects 15
Smell Their Arms Smell Their Arms 0 Dodge all of the opponent’s punches in a single round and win 15
Showmaker Showmaker 0 Dodge all of the opponent’s punches for the entire match and win 15
He Can Take It He Can Take It 0 Dodge none of the opponent’s punches and win 15
Tenacity Tenacity 0 Reach 10 rounds and win 15
Close Fight Close Fight 0 Reach 10 rounds and lose 15
Critical Thinker Critical Thinker 0 Land a critical hit to knock down the opponent 15
Life's What You Make It Life's What You Make It 0 Experience all events 15
Come One, Come All! Come One, Come All! 0 Advertise a fight 15
Hell Week Hell Week 0 Participate in at least one fight a day for seven days 15
Famous Famous 0 Reach 100 Reputation 15
Man of the People Man of the People 0 Hire one of each kind of staff 15
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded 0 Gain at least one trinket of each type 15
Work of the Master Work of the Master 0 Obtain a Masterwork Trinket 15
Pristine Collection Pristine Collection 0 Obtain at least one Masterwork trinket of each type 15
Rags to Riches Rags to Riches 0 Finish the Scrappy Entrepreneur Scenario 15
Thicker than Water Thicker than Water 0 Finish the Family Feud Scenario 15
On the Razor's Edge On the Razor's Edge 0 Finish the Disgraced, Not Dead Scenario 15
In Theory In Theory 0 Finish the Veteran Greenhorn Scenario 15
An Open Book An Open Book 0 Complete all Scenarios 15
Golden Gains Golden Gains 0 Upgrade the Gym to its maximum level 15
Commendable Cure Commendable Cure 0 Upgrade the Clinic to its maximum level 15
Leading Leisure Leading Leisure 0 Upgrade the Lounge to its maximum level 15
Executive Lounge Executive Lounge 0 Upgrade all facilities to its maximum level 15
Time Traveling Time Traveling 0 Use clock out to advance time by 7 days in one usage 15
Strict Standards Strict Standards 0 Customize a Boxer 15
Tricks of the Trade Tricks of the Trade 0 Learn a skill from Skill Training 15
Three of a Kind Three of a Kind 0 Have three different skills on a single boxer 15
Frontierswoman Frontierswoman 0 Finish the Women's Boxing Pioneer Scenario 15
Peak Condition Peak Condition 0 Restore a boxer's Energy to full and Stress to zero using a facility before taking part in a fight o 15
Superhuman Superhuman 0 Reach the maximum amount in one stat 30
Min-maxed Min-maxed 0 Have the maxmimum amount in one stat, and the minimum in another 85
First Punch First Punch 0 Win your first fight 15
Through Adversity Through Adversity 0 Win a hundred fights 15
David and Goliath David and Goliath 0 Win against another boxer of a higher Tier 15
Anniversary Anniversary 0 Reach Day 365 15
Three's a Crowd Three's a Crowd 0 Recruit the maximum amount of boxers 15
Moneybags Moneybags 0 Earn a total of $1,000,000.00 30
Too Sweet Too Sweet 0 Finish the Sugar, The Story Scenario 15
Susie QFTW Susie QFTW 0 Finish the Brockton Bomber Scenario 15
Bull Moose Bull Moose 0 Finish the "The Man in the Arena" Scenario 15

Secret Achievements

A Worthy Opponent A Worthy Opponent 0 End a fight in a draw 15
Mano a Mano Mano a Mano 0 Win a fight against a World Class opponent without any trinket equipped 15
Turn Tables Turn Tables 0 Defeat a boxer that you used to manage 15