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Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town Achievements

Full list of Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Family memories Family memories 0 Examine the painting in Willy's room 25
It's worth a shot… maybe It's worth a shot… maybe 0 Use the rubber hammer on the piggy bank 25
Illusions Illusions 0 Look in the mirror in Willy's parents' room 25
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Read all the post-its 25
Trusted mechanic Trusted mechanic 0 Mount the bicycle 25
The lost monkey The lost monkey 0 Notice the book in Willy's room 25
The trio The trio 0 Examine the poster in Willy's room 25
Old secret passages Old secret passages 0 Examine the grandfather clock 25
Dear old Zak Dear old Zak 0 Examine the clock in the kitchen 25
Better a hamster today than… Better a hamster today than… 0 Use the microwave 25
Fire walk with me Fire walk with me 0 Examine the owl statue in the little bookcase 25
Skilled safecracker Skilled safecracker 0 Combine two objects in the inventory 25
Pirate city Pirate city 0 Reach Bone Town 25
Hidden treasures 01 Hidden treasures 01 0 Find the Fabergé egg 25
Loyal customer Loyal customer 0 Examine all the pictures and sculptures in the corridor of the Dead Man Inn 25
The apple of your eye The apple of your eye 0 Try to pick up all the apple cores in room 09 25
That's another story That's another story 0 Examine the posters outside the library 25
Hidden treasures 02 Hidden treasures 02 0 Find the golden dragon 25
Legend Legend 0 Find Captain America's shield 25
The challenge The challenge 0 Use Thor's hammer at the amusement park 25
Historian of Bone Town Historian of Bone Town 0 Examine the three stained glass windows inside the church 25
Dream or reality? Dream or reality? 0 Break the fortune cookie 25
When the game gets tough When the game gets tough 0 Switch the guns 25
You again, Doctor Fred! You again, Doctor Fred! 0 Examine the drugstore sign 25
Psycho Psycho 0 Examine the shower in room 09's bathroom 25
Traces of el pollo diablo Traces of el pollo diablo 0 Notice the design of the table cloth 25
The black lodge The black lodge 0 Notice the pattern on the floor of room 10 25
Coordinates wizard Coordinates wizard 0 Find the exact spot on the map 25
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Complete the map of Captain Kidd 25
Secret in the secret Secret in the secret 0 Find the cave 25
Night shift Night shift 0 Examine the voodoo doll 25
Old acquaintance Old acquaintance 0 Make Jimbo "almost" human 25
Destroyer of worlds Destroyer of worlds 0 Shoot the cannon 25
End of games End of games 0 Complete the adventure 150
The Collector The Collector 0 Obtain all achievements in "Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town" 25