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Ayo the Clown Achievements

Full list of Ayo the Clown achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ayo the Clown has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Getting Jumpy Getting Jumpy 0 Unlock the jump Ability. 20
Balloon Galore Balloon Galore 0 Unlock the balloon ability. 20
Dizzy Engagement Dizzy Engagement 0 Defeat the first boss. 20
Head of Steel Head of Steel 0 Unlock the headbutt ability. 20
Feral Awakening Feral Awakening 0 Defeat the second boss. 40
Mountaineer Training Mountaineer Training 0 Unlock the climb ability. 40
Down we go Down we go 0 Unlock the slope slide ability. 40
Dog of the Sky Dog of the Sky 0 Defeat the third boss. 40
Music has no Rules Music has no Rules 0 Defeat the forth boss. 40
Use the Legs Use the Legs 0 Unlock the push and pull ability. 40
Faster than Light Faster than Light 0 Unlock the run ability. 40
Big ain't Better Big ain't Better 0 Defeat the fifth boss. 40
We go Whoosh We go Whoosh 0 Unlock the ground slide ability. 40
Turtle Ride Turtle Ride 0 Help the turtle reach his brother. 40
Never Trust the Candy Never Trust the Candy 0 Defeat the sixth boss. 40
It's a Ninja It's a Ninja 0 Unlock the wall jump ability. 40
Let's Enter the Show Let's Enter the Show 0 Defeat the seventh boss. 40
Science Marvel Science Marvel 0 Unlock the bigger balloon. 40
Cure by Laughter Cure by Laughter 0 Defeat the eighth boss. 40
Far East Delicacies Far East Delicacies 0 Find the legendary fish. 40
Rat Infestation Rat Infestation 0 Help the Mayor with his issue. 40
Hammer Time Hammer Time 0 Help the Shoemaker find his hammers. 40
Robot Mayhem Robot Mayhem 0 Help the robot solve the robot problem. 40
Eggy Situation Eggy Situation 0 Find the plastic chicken. 40
Only After Homework Only After Homework 0 Solve the bear problem. 40
Hard Business Hard Business 0 Help the fairy. 40
Dealing with Ex Dealing with Ex 0 Help the alien lady. 40