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Sally Face Achievements

Full list of Sally Face achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sally Face has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Charley's Pony Charley's Pony 0 Finished episode one. 32
Go to Sleep Go to Sleep 0 Used sleep aid with the tea. 28
Irritable Bowels Irritable Bowels 0 Used old laxative with tea. 28
Metalhead Metalhead 0 Listened to Sanity's Fall multiple times. 28
The Unknown The Unknown 0 Found the feet, the eye and the dark one. 28
A Dark Secret A Dark Secret 0 Got Lisa to mention Larry's secret. 28
House of the Wretched House of the Wretched 0 Completed the Gear Boy game. 28
Conjure Conjure 0 Finished episode two. 32
Devour Devour 0 Found all four Seals. 28
The Addison Family The Addison Family 0 Got Addison to talk about his past. 28
Unseen Unseen 0 Broke into 403 and talked with Sanderson's ghost. 28
The Box The Box 0 Finished the puzzle box story. 28
Best Buds Best Buds 0 Had every optional conversation with Larry. 28
In Seeking Providence In Seeking Providence 0 Completed all chapters of the SGB game. 28
Full of Bologna Full of Bologna 0 Finished episode three. 32
Dead Potato Dead Potato 0 Painted a picture for Larry. 28
Atonement Atonement 0 Had a private moment with Travis. 28
Messenger Messenger 0 Spoke with the ghost of a cultist. 28
Clumpy! Clumpy! 0 Beat Clumpy bonus level. 28
Premonition Premonition 0 Completed the full intro in episode three. 28
Missing Pages Missing Pages 0 Collected all 11 pages of the journal. 28
Suffer Suffer 0 Finished episode four. 32
Catching Up Catching Up 0 Talked with everyone in the apartment in episode four. 28
Brothers Brothers 0 Had all optional conversations with Larry in episode four. 28
Teeth Teeth 0 Where did these come from? 28
Dark Melodies Dark Melodies 0 Never failed any of the barrier songs. 28
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Destroyed The Endless One without failing. 28
Her Fate Her Fate 0 Collected all VHS tapes. 28
The End? The End? 0 Finished episode five. 32
Memorized Memorized 0 Remembered the correct shed code in episode five. 28
Seeker of Knowledge Seeker of Knowledge 0 Read all of the notes in episode five. 28
Vestige Vestige 0 Had all optional conversations within the House in the Void. 28
DOG DOG 0 The last memory of mother. 28
Escaping Death Escaping Death 0 Didn't get a single Game Over. 28
Epilogue Epilogue 0 Unlocked the Epilogue. 28