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Shadowrun Returns Achievements

Full list of Shadowrun Returns achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shadowrun Returns has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

More Bullets, More Effective More Bullets, More Effective 0 Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG. 15
Built for the Streets Built for the Streets 0 Have every cyberware slot type filled by an enhancement. 35
Welcome to the Sixth World Welcome to the Sixth World 0 Kill 20 enemies with magic spells. 15
Calling the Shots Calling the Shots 0 Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies. 15
Chunky Salsa Chunky Salsa 0 Kill 5 enemies with grenades. 15
Fire in the Hole Fire in the Hole 0 Kill 15 enemies with grenades. 15
Place of Power Place of Power 0 Kill an enemy with a magic spell while standing on a ley-line. 15
Welcome to Hell Welcome to Hell 0 Cast the Hellstorm Barrier spell. 15
Jacked In Jacked In 0 First time jacking into the Matrix. 15
For the Orphans For the Orphans 0 Made a deal with Officer Aguirre to get information about the Ripper 15
Paco Power Paco Power 0 Paco joined your party. 15
Shotgun Sniper Shotgun Sniper 0 Kill a target while being 10 tiles away with a shotgun. 30
Killing Hands Killing Hands 0 Kill two targets with a single Unarmed attack. 30
Counter Strike Counter Strike 0 Kill a target using Counterstrike. 30
Mentor Spirit Mentor Spirit 0 Choose a totem spirit. 15
Hanging up my robes Hanging up my robes 0 Escape the Universal Brotherhood with all your team members. 15
Rifle Headshot Rifle Headshot 0 Use the rifle headshot skill to kill a target who is at full health. 15
Wetwork Wetwork 0 Kill two targets with a single attack using a melee weapon. 30
Killing Machine Killing Machine 0 Equip a class S drone! 30
Hail to the King! Hail to the King! 0 Equip a Fairlight Excalibur. 15
Without Equal Without Equal 0 Max out an Attribute. 80

Secret Achievements

Shoot Straight Shoot Straight 0 Successfully attack an enemy with a chance of less than 30% to hit. 15
I Feel Great I Feel Great 0 Heal more than 30 damage in a single cast of Heal Wound. 15
Wait For It... Wait For It... 0 Kill an enemy with damage over time 15
Come Forth Come Forth 0 Summon 5 spirits from places in the environment. 15
(Don't) Conserve Ammo (Don't) Conserve Ammo 0 Kill 15 enemies using an assault rifle. 15
I Don't Have a Problem I Don't Have a Problem 0 Use 5 "combat stims". 30
Welcome to the Shadows Welcome to the Shadows 0 Die on the first mission. 15
Little Helpers Little Helpers 0 Use drones to kill 15 enemies. 15
Boom Boom 0 Hit four or more enemies with an area of effect attack. 15
Awakened Predator Awakened Predator 0 Kill 30 enemies with magic spells. 15
We're in! We're in! 0 Infiltrate the Inner Sanctum. 15
Quicker than your shadow! Quicker than your shadow! 0 Kill 3 targets with a single chainshot. 15
1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 0 Succesfully reset password on Coyote's computer. 30
Insecticide Insecticide 0 Retrieved the Aegis Sample from Silverstar's Office. 35
Sentimental Value Sentimental Value 0 Return Lucy's necklace to Frank. 80
Taking it Slow Taking it Slow 0 You saved Gino. 80
Just Desserts Just Desserts 0 Let the bugs eat Jessica Watts. 35
A Dish Best Served Cold A Dish Best Served Cold 0 Shoot Jessica Watts before the bugs eat her. 35
No-one is Above the Law No-one is Above the Law 0 Take Jessica Watts with you to face justice. 35

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