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This War of Mine: Final Cut Achievements

Full list of This War of Mine: Final Cut achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

This War of Mine: Final Cut has 54 achievements worth 1755 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Epilogue: War is over Epilogue: War is over 0 The war ends some day. It did for me. I hope I am not the only one. 80
Diary: Day 7 Diary: Day 7 0 It's been seven days since we holed up here. We survived for a week! So far… 15
Diary: Effing Snow Diary: Effing Snow 0 When the winter strikes Pogoren, you better be ready. 30
Diary: Finished ransacking Diary: Finished ransacking 0 We've used every little thing we found here. We must venture outside. 15
Note: Bless the radio Note: Bless the radio 0 The radio is useful beyond expectations. We get the news! 15
Note: Distilled gold Note: Distilled gold 0 We finally managed to distill some moonshine. Always in high demand. 15
Note: Doubled the watch Note: Doubled the watch 0 It's crucial to secure our place against night intruders. Two may be enough. 15
Diary: Miraculous recovery Diary: Miraculous recovery 0 This recovery from a grave illness proves that medicines work miracles. 80
Diary: Patched up and ready to go Diary: Patched up and ready to go 0 What good fortune! The wounds are healing nicely. 80
Diary: Back from the brink Diary: Back from the brink 0 With just kind words and deeds, we helped one of us survive the darkest moment. 80
Diary: Hostel's open! Diary: Hostel's open! 0 We have now enough beds for everybody. 15
Diary: Shooting for five stars Diary: Shooting for five stars 0 For the first time since we wound up here all of us ate a hot meal. 15
Diary: First blood Diary: First blood 0 One of us survived our first brush with violent death. 80
Note: Creature comforts Note: Creature comforts 0 Our place is starting to resemble a proper home. 30
Diary: Traces of lives Diary: Traces of lives 0 Every building we visit has a story to tell. The more you learn, the better. 30
Diary: We Have Wintered Diary: We Have Wintered 0 The winter's gone. The freeze is over. We all made it through. 15
Epilogue: We made it! Epilogue: We made it! 0 Many died, but we're all still here. This surely means something... right? 80
Diary: We've been everywhere Diary: We've been everywhere 0 We've combed through all the neighborhood. Can we scavenge anything left? 30
Diary: We Made A Stand Diary: We Made A Stand 0 The bandits came in packs like dogs driven mad with hunger, but we were stronger. 30
Note: A bit of indulgence Note: A bit of indulgence 0 Coffee and smokes - sometimes that's all. 15
Note: The school of life Note: The school of life 0 It's crucial that kids learn to survive on their own. What if we don’t come back one night? 15
Diary: Our future Diary: Our future 0 We made it! Schools will reopen soon. From now on, kids will live a normal life again. 80
Note: Avoid the worst Note: Avoid the worst 0 Attacking a place that shelters a kid… Atrocious! We stand together to protect our little one! 15
Note: Better days Note: Better days 0 Kids… they sometimes seem to be far away from this war. It’s heartwarming. 15
Diary: Bond for life Diary: Bond for life 0 At least the kid has a new playmate. Maybe it will even be a break from our daily routine here. 15
Note: Everybody got to learn Note: Everybody got to learn 0 Solidarity. That’s the first thing we have to teach to our children. 15
Diary: Our own playground Diary: Our own playground 0 We wish we could be kids again and have fun with practically nothing. 15
Note: No more tears Note: No more tears 0 Nothing is more beautiful to see than a child smile and play again. 15
Epilogue: Exodus Epilogue: Exodus 0 Being forced to leave home is cruel. But when home is hell, you gotta escape. 80
Diary: The Truth Diary: The Truth 0 Faced my demons and learned the truth of that horrible night. 30
Diary: Home Shelled Home Diary: Home Shelled Home 0 Finally found a way back to the old apartment. Or whatever was left of it. 15
Diary: Compassion Diary: Compassion 0 Some may need the clothes more than anything. 15
Diary: The doctor Diary: The doctor 0 The stakes were high, but I could not stay idle. I killed those soldiers, but I saved the doctor. 15
Note: Malik on duty Note: Malik on duty 0 Learn and broadcast all the news 30
Diary: You are a liar Diary: You are a liar 0 Lie to Malik on two or more occasions 15
Diary: Thruthful Diary: Thruthful 0 Tell Malik the truth at least twice 15
Epilogue: Heir Epilogue: Heir 0 Finish the game as Malik's successor 80
Epilogue: Remorse Epilogue: Remorse 0 Finish the game apologising to Malik 80
Note: He is back home Note: He is back home 0 Let Adem return to the shelter 15
Note: Roll-up master Note: Roll-up master 0 Make one hundred cigarettes 15
Diary: Good Neighbor Diary: Good Neighbor 0 The winter was severe. I knew Tito used to help my father frequently. I decided to help him too. 15
Epilogue: All the way Epilogue: All the way 0 Complete the game with all the alternate endings. 80
Diary: The Janitor Diary: The Janitor 0 Zoran's destiny is fulfilled. We didn't burn any of our legacy. 15
Note: Fortify Note: Fortify 0 For the safety, all the pillars in the museum have been reinforced. 15
Note: Burn'em all Note: Burn'em all 0 Some people just want to watch the world burn. 15
Diary: Innocent children Diary: Innocent children 0 They had only their adoptive father - Adam. Now they have a glimmer of hope to survive this war. 15
Note: The truck is ready Note: The truck is ready 0 We finally managed to repair the truck. Now we can move our heritage to safety. 15
Note: The Colonel Note: The Colonel 0 We gave the painting to Colonel Markov. Our heritage should be safe now. 15
Note: The Fence Note: The Fence 0 We gave the case files to Taras the fence. Our heritage should be safe now. 15
Diary: My dear Ruben Diary: My dear Ruben 0 We faced the harsh winter together and made it to the Museum, our new shelter. 15
Diary: The Custodian Diary: The Custodian 0 Milena's wish came true. We saved it all - our precious heritage. 15
Diary: Fool the Crow Diary: Fool the Crow 0 We acquired the truck parts without giving up Anja's necklace. 15
Epilogue: New life Epilogue: New life 0 Livia managed to survive until the end of war and gave birth to her child in time of peace. 80
Survive in Pogoren Survive in Pogoren 0 Unlock all achievements 75