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Mothmen 1966 Achievements

Full list of Mothmen 1966 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mothmen 1966 has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Illusion of control Illusion of control 0 Sort shelves. 60
They hunt in packs They hunt in packs 0 Survive the coyote attack. 60
First sighting First sighting 0 See a winged creature. 60
Reliable witness Reliable witness 0 Make a creature's accurate drawing. 70
Unreliable witness Unreliable witness 0 Make a really inaccurate drawing. 60
Solitaire's bad run Solitaire's bad run 0 Lose with more than 25 cards to go. 60
Solitaire's good run Solitaire's good run 0 Lose with 15 or less cards to go. 70
Dialogue wizard Dialogue wizard 0 Answer properly to an unheard question. 70
No secrets No secrets 0 Find out Lee's business with Holt. 70
Macho cry Macho cry 0 Cry your heart out. 70
"The rotation of the earth, makes my day" "The rotation of the earth, makes my day" 0 Solve the Winans Piece Puzzle. 70
Puzzle historian Puzzle historian 0 Listen about the L's. 70
Winans last stand Winans last stand 0 Survive all cryptid waves. 70
Sudden endings completist Sudden endings completist 0 Die all possible deaths. 70
Watch until the end! Watch until the end! 0 Watch the credits until the end. 70