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The Knight Witch Achievements

Full list of The Knight Witch achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Knight Witch has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Good Boy Pistola Good Boy Pistola 0 Find Pistola and bring him to the Castle. 15
Brave Boy Pistola Brave Boy Pistola 0 Find Pistola’s lost courage. 30
Magic Diogenes Magic Diogenes 0 Have more than 15 mana at once. 15
Sucker Punch Sucker Punch 0 Slash a stunned enemy with your sword. 15
Spell Chaos Spell Chaos 0 Use 10 spellcards in 10 seconds. 15
Speed Witch Speed Witch 0 Obtain 1 Frost Moon. 15
Too fast too wicked Too fast too wicked 0 Obtain 27 Frost Moons. 90
No Hit Knight No Hit Knight 0 Obtain 1 Radiant Sun. 15
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Obtain 27 Radiant Suns. 90
Just In Case Just In Case 0 Amass 10,000 shards. 15
Armored Armored 0 Try on 8 different pieces of armor. 30
Ultimate Knight Witch Ultimate Knight Witch 0 Get every Link upgrade. 90
Walpurge Walpurge 0 Defeat 1,000 enemies. 15
Sometimes, You Just Gotta Know When To Bail Sometimes, You Just Gotta Know When To Bail 0 Let others take care of the problem. 90
Never Surrender Never Surrender 0 Master Akai's shooting range. 15
We Need To Clean Up! We Need To Clean Up! 0 Break 100 destroyables 15
Markswoman Markswoman 0 Defeat 100 enemies without using instinct aim. 15
Take No Prisoners Take No Prisoners 0 Save 14 prisoners. 30
Green Food Green Food 0 Find 6 Growth Seeds 15
Is This A Good Idea? Is This A Good Idea? 0 Infuse 20 Arcane Beacons. 30
For The Loot! For The Loot! 0 Defeat 5 Loot Golems. 15
Cheaters are also Winners! Cheaters are also Winners! 0 Activate one cheat. 30

Secret Achievements

This Is An Achievement This Is An Achievement 0 Get 10 cards from Lord Yupi. 90
No Hard Feelings No Hard Feelings 0 Save Kalypso. 90
A Job For a Goddess A Job For a Goddess 0 Defeat the Hextinction. 90
Proud goonie Proud goonie 0 Find the hidden old ship wreckage. 15
The Underwater Level The Underwater Level 0 Complete the mission at the Mirror Lake. 10