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My Fantastic Ranch Achievements

Full list of My Fantastic Ranch achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Fantastic Ranch has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let the Adventure Begin! Let the Adventure Begin! 0 Complete Feritella's tutorial. 20
Spirit of Competition Spirit of Competition 0 Take part in your first tournament. 20
Kingdom Party Time Kingdom Party Time 0 Organize your first festival. 20
Entering New Territory Entering New Territory 0 Unlock access to the Crystal Plains. 60
Neverending Story Neverending Story 0 Unlock access to the Enchanted Grove. 80
Claim to Fame Claim to Fame 0 Reach level 20 Reputation with your ranch. 80
Lecturer Lecturer 0 Give a lesson to 4 students at the same time. 20
Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits 0 Train 4 perfect duos in one lesson. 60
Prized Possession Prized Possession 0 Adopt your first rare creature. 60
Creature Evolution Creature Evolution 0 Earn a new badge for your creature. 20
Think Positive Think Positive 0 Go one whole week without a creature becoming unhappy. 20
Kingdom Champions Kingdom Champions 0 Win first place in an Esteemed Tournament. 20
Dream Team Dream Team 0 Earn a new badge for an entire tournament team simultaneously at the end of a tournament. 60
Festival Fever Festival Fever 0 Reach 100% Enthusiasm during a festival. 20
S is for Sensational S is for Sensational 0 Achieve an S grade at the end of a Strict Festival. 80
Gotta Adopt Them All! Gotta Adopt Them All! 0 Adopt a creature of each element. 20
Protected Nature Reserve Protected Nature Reserve 0 Adopt a rare creature of each element. 60
Diamonds in the Rough Diamonds in the Rough 0 Place 15 Shimmashyne Crystals. 20
Landscaper Landscaper 0 Plant 50 Conifaeries. 20
Paving the Way Paving the Way 0 Place 500 path tiles. 20
Dream Big Dream Big 0 Upgrade 25 buildings to level 3. 20
Just One More Go Just One More Go 0 Spend 10,000 Gems by refreshing the selection. 20
Dragon Academy Dragon Academy 0 Reach 24 simultaneous enrolments in your ranch. 20
Fully Booked! Fully Booked! 0 Reach the maximum number of creatures and staff members you can have. 60
Job Done! Job Done! 0 Complete every Challenge. 100