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Industria Achievements

Full list of Industria achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Industria has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Wake up, Nora Wake up, Nora 0 Start a new game 30
The Library The Library 0 Enter the first library 30
Where am I? Where am I? 0 Wake up in the Institute 30
Welcome to Hakavik Welcome to Hakavik 0 Exit the Institute and enter the city 30
The Crossing The Crossing 0 Cross the canal with the train 40
Falling in Eternity Falling in Eternity 0 Enter the library for the last time 40
Close to the sun Close to the sun 0 Reach the forest 40
Hanging Boats Hanging Boats 0 Enter the chapel 40
Let's break things Let's break things 0 Pick up the Pickaxe 30
Moving lead Moving lead 0 Pick up the Pistol 30
Spring-powered Spring-powered 0 Pick up the SMG 40
Twelve AM Twelve AM 0 Pick up the Shotgun 40
A little bit closer A little bit closer 0 Pick up the Rifle 40
The end is the end is the end is the end The end is the end is the end is the end 0 Finish INDUSTRIA 60
A human voice A human voice 0 Pick up the Radio 30
I will never forget this I will never forget this 0 Place Brent's photo on his wife's grave 60
Unforeseen consequences Unforeseen consequences 0 Interact with a PC in the office 60
Foreshadowing Foreshadowing 0 Find the Hiveball in the Apartment 60
Forward planning Forward planning 0 Find the hidden key 90
Reviving the GDR Reviving the GDR 0 Schubling - Zeitmaschine 90
The hard way The hard way 0 Complete the game in hardcore mode 90