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Rabbids: Party of Legends Achievements

Full list of Rabbids: Party of Legends achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rabbids: Party of Legends has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Boulder The Boulder 0 Get 2500 or more for 'Hatched From Stone Eggs' (FFA). 60
Gold Crown Dancer Gold Crown Dancer 0 Get 8000 or more for 'The Gold Crown-Fitting Ceremony' (2V2). 60
The Plunger Thrower The Plunger Thrower 0 Get 4500 or more for 'Where The Foul Winds Blow'. 60
The Driver The Driver 0 Get 5000 or more for 'Fiery Bumper Karts' (2V2). 60
The Stinger Team The Stinger Team 0 Get 8000 or more for 'The Venomous Escape' (2V2). 60
The Equilibrist The Equilibrist 0 Get 6000 or more for 'Feeding King Yellow Brows' (2V2). 60
The Ultimate Dancer The Ultimate Dancer 0 Get 7000 or more for 'Dance Battle By The River'. 60
The Wrestler The Wrestler 0 Get 6250 or more for 'Punishing Palms'. 100
The Ghost Buster The Ghost Buster 0 Get 5750 or more for 'Who Is The Real Monster?'. 100
The Tamer The Tamer 0 Get 7000 or more for 'The Bull Fight'. 100
The Rider The Rider 0 Get 5500 or more for 'Angry Great White Turtle'. 100
The Accountant The Accountant 0 Get 8000 or more for 'Counting Rabbids'. 180