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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Achievements

Full list of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Purge Purge 0 Using the Pain is Nothing ability purge [x] poison effects 15
Totally Texas Totally Texas 0 Reach Player Level [x] 50
Texas Through and Through Texas Through and Through 0 Reach level [x] with all characters 100
Perking Up Perking Up 0 Start a match with a fully levelled up ability and three level 3 perks equipped 15
Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family 0 Execute your first victim 10
Serial Killer Serial Killer 0 Execute [x] victims in total 50
Mine all Mine Mine all Mine 0 Execute all four victims in a single match 20
He was the greatest ever. He was the greatest ever. 0 Feed Grandpa [x] times in total 15
First Blood First Blood 0 Execute the first victim in a match 10
Get Outta There Get Outta There 0 Drag out [x] victims from inside hiding objects 10
So Close? So Close? 0 Kill a victim within [x] metres of an exit in any level 10
Last Victim Standing Last Victim Standing 0 As last victim standing, Survive for [x] minutes and escape in a single match 50
The Lucky One? The Lucky One? 0 Escape [100] times 50
Shhhhhh Shhhhhh 0 As a victim escape a level without making any noise. 10
Bring it on Bring it on 0 Win [x] close encounters as a victim in total 10
Git back here Git back here 0 Win [x] close encounters as family members in total 10
Fighting Back Fighting Back 0 Successfully perform [x] sneak attacks against family members in total 10
Team Player Team Player 0 Heal [x] teammates in total 10
Now it's my turn Now it's my turn 0 Sneak attack all family members in a single match 20
Be like Sally Be like Sally 0 Escape down the driveway after jumping out of the family house front window 10
Fully Focused Fully Focused 0 use the focus ability to instantly unlock [x] doors in total 15
Safe and Secure Safe and Secure 0 Add extra locks to [x] doors in total 15
I hear you I hear you 0 Successfully spot [x] victims in total 10
I got one! I got one! 0 Catch a total of [x] victims in traps 15
I'm comin' for ya I'm comin' for ya 0 As Hitchhiker use one sidle, bolthole and ladder in a single match 10
Can't Hide from me Can't Hide from me 0 Analyze [x] victim footprints in total 15
Can't keep me out Can't keep me out 0 Successfully barge open a total of [x] latched doors 10
Undetectable Undetectable 0 Use the Ultimate Escape ability to reduce damage [x] times 15
Dog will Hunt Dog will Hunt 0 As Leatherface destroy [x] objects with your chainsaw (blocker, bolthole, door) 10
Hung up on you Hung up on you 0 Execute [x] victims in total on gallows as Leatherface 15
Our Hero Our Hero 0 Shoulder barge and stun [x] family members 15
Don't Touch Don't Touch 0 Poison [x] victim pickups (tools, shards, healthitems) 15
Powder Burns Powder Burns 0 Confuse two or more victims simultaneously 10
All Knowing All Knowing 0 Track all family members in a single match 15
You spelt Champion wrong You spelt Champion wrong 0 As a family member kill a victim in under [30] seconds from the start of a match 20
Makin' Grandpa Proud Makin' Grandpa Proud 0 Achieve a perfect family win (killing all victims) on each map 50
Escape Artists Escape Artists 0 Achieve a perfect victim win (all victims escape) on each map 50
Leaving Home Leaving Home 0 Escape using each exit on the Family House level 10
Outta Gas Outta Gas 0 Escape using each exit on the Gas Station level 10
Off to Market Off to Market 0 Escape using each exit on the Slaughterhouse level 10
The Saw is Family The Saw is Family 0 Reach family bond to maximum and keep it there for the whole match 10
Fixer Fixer 0 During a single match stop the generator, fix the fusebox and open the pressure valve. 50
Nowhere left to hide Nowhere left to hide 0 As a victim hide in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk and car trunk. 10
Doing Well Doing Well 0 Jump down a well [x] times in total 10
Respec Respec 0 Respec a characters unlock tree after reaching maximum level 10
Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees 0 Spent first points in the unlock tree 10
Behind the curtain Behind the curtain 0 Get your first unlockable 10
Executioner Executioner 0 Use all family executions in public matches 10
Tread Softly Tread Softly 0 Avoid being detected by Grandpa for a whole match 50
What will be left of you? What will be left of you? 0 Play 1973 public matches 10