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Almost My Floor Achievements

Full list of Almost My Floor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Almost My Floor has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

It's a long story... It's a long story... 0 Start your journey 50
First blood First blood 0 I can die in this game?! 50
Killer story Killer story 0 Find the truth 50
Nika Nika 0 Where did Nika go? 50
Genius Genius 0 Solve the electric puzzle without help 50
See ya next time! See ya next time! 0 Complete the game 100
Smart Smart 0 Solve amulet puzzle without help 50
Wise Wise 0 Solve book puzzle without help 50
No body - no crime No body - no crime 0 Find a dead body 50
Finish him Finish him 0 Shoot the real monster 50
Red button Red button 0 That sign can't stop me because I can't read 50
Good boy Good boy 0 Miss you so much 50
Well done Well done 0 Roast the meat monster 50
May the force be with you May the force be with you 0 Let the monster use his power 50
Finally Finally 0 Get out of the endless tunnel 50
Cleaner assistant Cleaner assistant 0 Wash your door from the dirt 50
What was it? What was it? 0 Survive mop's attack 50
Hello there! Hello there! 0 Meet the neighbor 50
Here comes a new challenger! Here comes a new challenger! 0 Play as a detective 50