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Taco Tom 2 Achievements

Full list of Taco Tom 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Taco Tom 2 has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Grassy Fields Clear! Grassy Fields Clear! 0 Meet up with your girlfriend at the grassy fields. 10
Amusement Park Clear! Amusement Park Clear! 0 Break up with your girlfriend at the amusement park. 20
The Aquarium Clear! The Aquarium Clear! 0 Meet Sapphire at the aquarium. 30
The Supermarket Clear! The Supermarket Clear! 0 Buy some paper plates at the supermarket. 40
Disco Pinguino Clear! Disco Pinguino Clear! 0 Get rejected by a squid at the Disco Pinguino. 50
Sputnik's Lab Clear! Sputnik's Lab Clear! 0 Learn about the Sapphire Shrinker in Sputnik's laboratory. 60
Inside Sapphire Clear! Inside Sapphire Clear! 0 Find out what's wrong with Sapphire. 70
The Restaurant Clear! The Restaurant Clear! 0 Run away from the evil Chef Gordon. 80
Sidenote's House Clear! Sidenote's House Clear! 0 Find out what really happened to Sally. 90
The Dungeon Clear! The Dungeon Clear! 0 Get freed from the dungeon and beat the game! 100
Endurance Mode 2-9 Clear! Endurance Mode 2-9 Clear! 0 Beat level 2-9 in Endurance mode. 20
Flip-Flopped Flip-Flopped 0 Zoom out the screen past infinity in Wacky mode. 20
That Was Random That Was Random 0 Complete any world in Random Mode. 20
Plastic Love Plastic Love 0 When paper bags just aren't your thing. 20
Picky Eater Picky Eater 0 Collect the same ingredient five times in a row. 20
Gotta Collect Ingredients Fast Gotta Collect Ingredients Fast 0 Get a +500 Speed Bonus in Arcade Mode. 40
Professional Taco Tom 2 Player Professional Taco Tom 2 Player 0 Score over 10,000 points in Arcade Mode. 40
Yee Haw! Yee Haw! 0 Collect a full taco in under two seconds in Arcade Mode. 40
Better Than Five Better Than Five 0 Get six stars on any world. 80
Star Guru Star Guru 0 Get 30 stars total. 150