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Eternal Hope Achievements

Full list of Eternal Hope achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eternal Hope has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hope Hope 0 Met the girl in the cliff. 30
The Story Begins The Story Begins 0 Started a new game. 90
Creatures From the Beyond Creatures From the Beyond 0 Met your first An'mu. 70
All Muscle And No Brain All Muscle And No Brain 0 Came face-to-face with a troll. 30
A New Friend A New Friend 0 Saved the hedgehog. 30
Malevolent Intent Malevolent Intent 0 Met the trickster. 30
From the Depth From the Depth 0 Met the ancient turtle. 30
Styx Styx 0 Met the Charon. 30
The Dark Forest The Dark Forest 0 Entered the Dark Forest. 30
Ancient ruins Ancient ruins 0 Entered the Forgotten City. 30
The Temple of Souls The Temple of Souls 0 Entered the Temple of Souls 30
There's Hope There's Hope 0 Collected the first soul fragment. 30
Corrupted Soul Corrupted Soul 0 Met your first Umbra. 30
The Relentless The Relentless 0 Collected a relentless soul. 30
Winged Light Winged Light 0 Met Heli. 30
The Adventurous The Adventurous 0 Collected an adventurous soul. 30
The Brave The Brave 0 Collected a brave soul. 30
The Hero The Hero 0 Collected a heroic soul. 30
The Coward The Coward 0 Collected a coward soul. 30
The Weak The Weak 0 Collected a weak soul. 30
The Pure The Pure 0 Collected a pure soul. 30
The Legend The Legend 0 Collected a legendary soul. 30
The Condemned The Condemned 0 Collected a condemned soul. 30
The Corrupted The Corrupted 0 Collected a corrupted soul. 30

Secret Achievements

Sacrifice Sacrifice 0 Saved by the hedgehog. 60
Promise Promise 0 Saved your girlfriend from the Shadow World. 30
Help from Above Help from Above 0 Befriended Heli. 30
True Intentions True Intentions 0 Saw Heli's true form. 30
End of an Era End of an Era 0 Destroyed Heliel's heart. 30