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Sixty Words by POWGI Achievements

Full list of Sixty Words by POWGI achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sixty Words by POWGI has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pup and Running Pup and Running 0 Complete your first puzzle 10
Roll Over Roll Over 0 Highlight a word backwards 10
sdorw ytxiS sdorw ytxiS 0 Complete a puzzle while only highlighting words backwards 100
Sniffing Around Sniffing Around 0 Find all the diagonal words in a puzzle first 100
Chasing Your Tail Chasing Your Tail 0 Solve a puzzle in less than 5 minutes 100
The Whole Picture The Whole Picture 0 Zoom out for 5 seconds 10
There's a Word List? There's a Word List? 0 Complete a puzzle without looking at the word list 25
There's a Word List! There's a Word List! 0 Check the word list with only one word left to find 30
My Masterpiece My Masterpiece 0 Review a completed puzzle 10
I Have a Better Idea I Have a Better Idea 0 Reset a completed puzzle 10
Chromophobia Chromophobia 0 Complete a puzzle using only one color 10
Chromophilia Chromophilia 0 Complete a puzzle using 10 different colors 10
Chromomania Chromomania 0 Edit the palette and choose 10 new colors 25
Fifty Shades of Green Fifty Shades of Green 0 Complete "A Little Green" 50
Get Reddy For This Get Reddy For This 0 Complete "Well Red" 50
Drive In Me Crazy Drive In Me Crazy 0 Complete "The Big Picture" 50
Like Pulling Teeth Like Pulling Teeth 0 Complete 'Say Aah!' 50
What The Fudge? What The Fudge? 0 Complete "Just Be Cuss" 50
All Greek To Me All Greek To Me 0 Find ATHENS 3 times 25
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt 0 Find DUCK 3 times 25
Family Ties Family Ties 0 Find FAMILY 3 times 25
Got Game Got Game 0 Find GAME 3 times 25
King Awesome King Awesome 0 Find KING 3 times 25
Lawn Order Lawn Order 0 Find LAWN 3 times 25
I Just Need Another Mint I Just Need Another Mint 0 Find MINT 3 times 25
Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect 0 Find PITCH 3 times 25
Another One Bites The Dust Another One Bites The Dust 0 Find QUEEN 3 times 25
Radio, Someone Still Loves You Radio, Someone Still Loves You 0 Find RADIO 3 times 25
Saddle Up Saddle Up 0 Find SADDLE 3 times 25
Water Works Water Works 0 Find WATER 3 times 25