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PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC Achievements

Full list of PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Windbag Loser Windbag Loser 0 Defeat Windbag. 15
Sick of Magma Sick of Magma 0 Defeat Anubis. 15
Space Explorer Space Explorer 0 Defeat King Galaxian. 15
Radical Racer Radical Racer 0 Defeat Clown Racers. 15
Back to the Scrap Heap Back to the Scrap Heap 0 Defeat Krome Keeper. 15
The Real Deal The Real Deal 0 Defeat Toc-Man. 15
Speed Racer Speed Racer 0 Finish Clown Prix in 140 seconds or less. 30
Space Ace Space Ace 0 Clear the King Galaxian Episode with no misses. 30
Family Man Family Man 0 Rescue your first family member. 15
The People's Hero The People's Hero 0 Rescue all family members. 30
Friendly Friendly 0 Talk to all family members on Ghost Island. 15
Covered in Fruit Covered in Fruit 0 Collect all the fruit and clear a bonus stage for the first time. 15
Bonus Stage Master Bonus Stage Master 0 Clear all types of bonus stages. 30
Pirate Ship Area Maze Pirate Ship Area Maze 0 Clear all Pirate Ship Area Maze Stages. 15
Ruins Area Maze Ruins Area Maze 0 Clear all Ruins Area Maze Stages. 15
Space Area Maze Space Area Maze 0 Clear all Space Area Maze Stages. 15
Funhouse Area Maze Funhouse Area Maze 0 Clear all Funhouse Area Maze Stages. 15
Factory Area Maze Factory Area Maze 0 Clear all Factory Area Maze Stages. 15
Boss Mansion Area Maze Boss Mansion Area Maze 0 Clear all Boss Mansion Area Maze Stages. 15
Maze Master Maze Master 0 Clear the Maze Marathon Mode. 85
Gambler Gambler 0 Play Slots 100 times. 15
Fever! Fever! 0 Activate a Fever in Slots. 15
Jackpot! Jackpot! 0 Line up a Galaxian in Slots. 15
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 0 Line up a pattern of two in Slots for the first time. 15
The King's Crown The King's Crown 0 Get a Gold Crown in every stage. 85
Foodie Foodie 0 Eat 200 Fruit. (Original Mode excluded.) 30
What Does This Key Do? What Does This Key Do? 0 Obtain a Key for the first time. 15
Key Master Key Master 0 Collect all Keys. 30
P?A?C?M?A?N P?A?C?M?A?N 0 Collect bonus letters for the first time and complete PACMAN. 15
P?A?C?M?A?N Master P?A?C?M?A?N Master 0 Complete PACMAN for all stages with bonus letters. 30
Boom! Boom! BOOM! Boom! Boom! BOOM! 0 Defeat 50 Enemies with Bomb Dot. 15
Pac-Dot Attack! Pac-Dot Attack! 0 Defeat 100 enemies with Pac-Dot and/or Bomb Attacks. 15
Bowling For Bad Guys Bowling For Bad Guys 0 Defeat 100 enemies with Rev Roll. 15
Tough Tushy Tough Tushy 0 Defeat 100 enemies with Butt Bounce. 15
Big Eater Big Eater 0 Get 1600 points by eating Ghosts successively. (Original Mode excluded.) 15
Ghost Hunter Ghost Hunter 0 Eat 100 Ghosts. (Original Mode excluded.) 15
Pac-Man Begins Pac-Man Begins 0 Play original PAC-MAN. 15
Retro Gamer Retro Gamer 0 Clear round 9 of original PAC-MAN. 30
Open Sesame Open Sesame 0 Get a Magic Key. 85
Invincible Invincible 0 Get 99 or more extra lives. 85