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Gloom and Doom Achievements

Full list of Gloom and Doom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gloom and Doom has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Every Horn Counts Every Horn Counts 0 Kill an incubus 10
Good Clerk Good Clerk 0 Do a good deed in the video store 10
Bad Clerk Bad Clerk 0 Let a customer rent a bad movie 10
No Urgency No Urgency 0 Test Gloom's patience 20
Just Listen Just Listen 0 Help someone by listening 20
Ultimate Geek Ultimate Geek 0 Prove how 1337 you are 100
Furever Home Furever Home 0 Find a home for Sonic 50
I knew this would come in handy I knew this would come in handy 0 Use your secret weapon at the cathedral 50
Man-buns suck Man-buns suck 0 Cut off Michael's hair 20
Angel of Mercy Angel of Mercy 0 Complete Part 4 without killing any angels 150
As if we'd end the game like that, chyeah As if we'd end the game like that, chyeah 0 Find the really bad ending 20
No Fate No Fate 0 Find the canonical ending 20
Wrong Way on a One-Way Track Wrong Way on a One-Way Track 0 Become really jaded 20
Fanboy Fantasy Fanboy Fantasy 0 Find a chance to use "that quote" 20
A New Hobby A New Hobby 0 Pick up painting 20
Fatality! Fatality! 0 Get Gloom killed 20
Like a Power Ballad Like a Power Ballad 0 Fly into the sunset with Muriel 20
Unhappiness in Slavery Unhappiness in Slavery 0 Reunite a demon family 20
No peeping! No peeping! 0 Stop a pervert 20
Drop the "the" Drop the "the" 0 Repeat JT's greatest contribution to movie quotes 10
Defenestration Defenestration 0 Hateblast people through windows 3 times 150
You're doing great! You're doing great! 0 Reflect and recognize that you've achieved a lot already 20
Super Angel of Mercy Super Angel of Mercy 0 Reach a good ending without Gloom directly killing anyone other than Roger 200