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Strong Moon Achievements

Full list of Strong Moon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Strong Moon has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Comfort Zone Comfort Zone 0 You have already saved your progress. But you should save again, just to be sure. 5
Sand On The Shoes Sand On The Shoes 0 You have put a feet on the desert sand. 10
The Coldest Corner The Coldest Corner 0 You have visited Moontarctica. 10
The March Of The Monkeys The March Of The Monkeys 0 You traveled to The Mighty Volcano Of Krakamoon. How hot was it, eh? 10
The Forbidden Dead Forest The Forbidden Dead Forest 0 The Forbidden Dead Forest is no longer unexplored territory for you! 10
The End Is Near The End Is Near 0 You have reached Lunaria's Castle! Congrats! 15
The Strongest Moon The Strongest Moon 0 You got every strength upgrade and are strongest than ever! Mr. Lolo is very proud. 20
Long Live The Moon Long Live The Moon 0 You are the healthiest in Lunaria! Moon Shards are all collected. 30
Bandage Bandit Bandage Bandit 0 All the bandages are yours! 30
Essential Farming Essential Farming 0 You got a total of 30,000 Moon Essence points! 80
The Godly Snake The Godly Snake 0 That snake is already dead. 50
The Flying Penguin The Flying Penguin 0 Eggward is gone for good. 60
Lava Kong Lava Kong 0 You have defeated Lava Kong! 70
The Keeper The Keeper 0 You completed The Forest Keeper's challenge. 80
The Magician The Magician 0 The Magician is dead. Hurray! 100
Strong Moon Strong Moon 0 You have completed Strong Moon! Congratulations! 150
No Unfinished Business No Unfinished Business 0 You really took the time to unlock every achievement!? 200
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power 0 You have unlocked all entries in the Logbook! But have you read them? 70