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STRIKERS 1945 III Achievements

Full list of STRIKERS 1945 III achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

STRIKERS 1945 III has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

F/A-18 Super Hornet F/A-18 Super Hornet 0 Watch the ending with F/A-18 Super Hornet 20
F-117 Stealth F-117 Stealth 0 Watch the ending with F-117 Stealth 20
F-22 Raptor F-22 Raptor 0 Watch the ending with F-22 Raptor 20
AV-8 Harrier AV-8 Harrier 0 Watch the ending with AV-8 Harrier 20
F-4 Phantom II F-4 Phantom II 0 Watch the ending with F-4 Phantom II20 20
Spectre defeated Spectre defeated 0 Interceptor Rotor Spectre defeated 20
Thanatos defeated Thanatos defeated 0 Suppressed single-orbit fortress Thanatos defeated 20
Spike Arm defeated Spike Arm defeated 0 The stealthy assault lander Spike Arm defeated 20
Grand Skater defeated Grand Skater defeated 0 Nuclear Tank Grand Skater defeated 20
Green Bender defeated Green Bender defeated 0 High level super-heavy bomber Green Bender defeated 20
Crossblade defeated Crossblade defeated 0 Heavy attack satellite Crossblade defeated 40
Geovite defeated Geovite defeated 0 Heavy attack satellite Geovite defeated 20
Shadowblinder defeated Shadowblinder defeated 0 Dimensional submarine Shadowblinder defeated 40
Chaos Queen defeated Chaos Queen defeated 0 Unidentified organism Chaos Queen defeated 40
Rookie pilot Rookie pilot 0 Get "JOIN THE FORCE" in the Player Rating 20
Ace pilot Ace pilot 0 Get "A CLASS FIGHTER" in the Player Rating 40
Super shot Super shot 0 Unleash the level 3 super shot 20
Rank C Rank C 0 Watch the ending without continuing in EASY mode 20
Rank B Rank B 0 Watch the ending without continuing in NORMAL mode 40
Ammunition depot Ammunition depot 0 Collect maximum quantity of bomb (default setting) 40
New plane New plane 0 Increased life 40
Great riches Great riches 0 Obtain more than 50 gold bars 20
Armament enhancement Armament enhancement 0 Upgrade the shot until maximum 40
Philanthropism Philanthropism 0 Clear the stage without destroying any enemies 40
Destroying the core Destroying the core 0 Get the technical bonus 60
World' s best pilot World' s best pilot 0 You have obtained all of the achievements. 80

Secret Achievements

X-36 X-36 0 Watch the ending with X-36 20
Master pilot Master pilot 0 Get "PRESIDENT" in the Player Rating 60
Rank A Rank A 0 Watch the ending without continuing in HARD mode 60
Rank S Rank S 0 Watch the ending without continuing in VERY HARD mode 60