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AEW: Fight Forever Achievements

Full list of AEW: Fight Forever achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

AEW: Fight Forever has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Win First Win 0 Defeat a COM opponent for the first time in Exhibition 15
Off the Guardrail! Off the Guardrail! 0 Using the Guardrail Dive Offense skill, land 3 dives from the guardrails in a match 15
Nice Catch! Nice Catch! 0 Using the Anti-Air Defense skill, catch a dive attack 15
Smooth Footwork Smooth Footwork 0 Using the Kip-Up skill, recover from the ground 5 times in a match 15
Finisher Thief Finisher Thief 0 Using the Gimmick Infringement skill, win a match using the opponent's finisher 15
DANGER: Contents Under Pressure! DANGER: Contents Under Pressure! 0 Attack an opponent using a barbed wire bat in a Lights Out Match in Exhibition 15
KABOOM! KABOOM! 0 Trigger 3 rope explosions on an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition 15
Belt Collector Belt Collector 0 Hold a title match in Exhibition and win a belt from a COM champion 15
Full Course Beatdown Full Course Beatdown 0 Win a Singles Match after hitting the opponent with a signature and finisher 15
Who Needs Hands? Who Needs Hands? 0 Using the Sloth Style skill, win a match by pinfall with hands in pocket 15
Dexterous Dervish Dexterous Dervish 0 Using the Desperation Impulse skill, win a match with a roll-through move 15
4-Way Dominator 4-Way Dominator 0 Win a 4-Way Match with all COM opponents on Hard difficulty or higher in Exhibition 40
Ring Cleaner Ring Cleaner 0 Put 10 wrestlers over the top rope in a Casino Battle Royale Match against all COM opponents 40
Adept Flyer Adept Flyer 0 Using the Springboard Offense skill, land 5 springboard attacks in a match 15
Fearless Rocket Fearless Rocket 0 Using the Tope Offense skill, land 2 tope suicida attacks in a match 15
Rope Wizard Rope Wizard 0 Using the Rebound Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match 15
Corner Wizard Corner Wizard 0 Using the Corner Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match 15
All Shall Cower Before Me All Shall Cower Before Me 0 Defeat a COM opponent by submission in Exhibition 15
Watch Your Footing! Watch Your Footing! 0 Push over a ladder an opponent is on to knock that opponent down in a Ladder Match 15
Equal Opportunity Player Equal Opportunity Player 0 Play through a match with at least 50 AEW Wrestlers 15
Beat the Best Beat the Best 0 Defeat a COM opponent on ELITE difficulty in a Singles Match in Exhibition 40
The King of Harts The King of Harts 0 Complete 100 total Singles matches in Exhibition 40
No Feat Too Large No Feat Too Large 0 Complete at least 30 challenges 40
E-Shopper E-Shopper 0 Make a purchase using AEW Cash 15
On The Road to Elite On The Road to Elite 0 Complete Road to Elite 15
Welcome to the Elite! Welcome to the Elite! 0 Earn the AEW World Championship while playing Road to Elite 15
Livin' the Wrestler's Life Livin' the Wrestler's Life 0 Complete Road to Elite 10 times 85
Hall-of-Famer Hall-of-Famer 0 Earn a career grade of A+ in Road to Elite 85
Shirt Collector Shirt Collector 0 Earn all t-shirts that can be earned in Road to Elite 15
Food Critic Food Critic 0 Select Dining 16 times in a single play-through in Road to Elite 15
Train to the Max Train to the Max 0 Perform 30 or more successful Intense Trainings during a single play-through of Road to Elite 40
Triple Crown Triple Crown 0 Hold 3 titles simultaneously in Road to Elite 85
Casual Gamer Casual Gamer 0 Win a minigame within Road to Elite 15
Professional Gamer Professional Gamer 0 Play through 5 different minigames 15
Making Their Debut... Making Their Debut... 0 Create a Custom Wrestler and complete a Singles Match using them 15
Arena Architect Arena Architect 0 Create a Custom Arena and complete a match using it 15
Promising New Team Promising New Team 0 Create a Custom Team that includes a Custom Wrestler, and complete a Tag Match using it 15

Secret Achievements

Match of the Year Match of the Year 0 Earn a 7-star match evaluation against a COM opponent in Exhibition 85