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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Achievements

Full list of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Read Between The Lines Read Between The Lines 0 Help Barnes with his love life. 20
To Hell In A Handcart To Hell In A Handcart 0 Complete Chapter One. 40
High Profile High Profile 0 Learn about the missing Nepali brother. 20
Big Breakthrough Big Breakthrough 0 Find out how the intruder got into the warehouse. 40
Curiosity Killed The Cat Curiosity Killed The Cat 0 Rouse evil from its slumber. 50
Whispers In The Dark Whispers In The Dark 0 Complete Chapter Two. 40
Fond Memories Fond Memories 0 Find the book about tulpas. 20
Lock, Stock, And Barrel Lock, Stock, And Barrel 0 Pick every lock. 50
History Check History Check 0 Learn more about Gygax. 40
Gaze Into The Abyss Gaze Into The Abyss 0 Make it look back at you. 20
A Method To His Madness A Method To His Madness 0 Complete Chapter Three. 40
Going Once... Going Once... 0 Find out more about the auction. 50
Let Me Be Frank Let Me Be Frank 0 Pretend to be Barnaby. 20
The New World The New World 0 Complete Chapter Four. 40
Open Sesame Open Sesame 0 Unlock the safe. 20
Back In The Saddle Back In The Saddle 0 Help quench the horse's thirst. 50
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers 0 Find the raccoon nest. 40
Knives Out Knives Out 0 Complete Chapter Five. 40
Brain Food Brain Food 0 Feed yourself to a gator. 40
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Identify all the unknown substances. 20
Land, Ho! Land, Ho! 0 Reach the island. 20
No Man Is An Island No Man Is An Island 0 Complete Chapter Six. 40
Read It And Weep Read It And Weep 0 Leave Barnes the book. 20
At Wits' End At Wits' End 0 Complete Chapter Seven. 40
No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned 0 Find all evidence at the cliffside crime scene. 20
Up In Flames Up In Flames 0 Learn about the lighthouse keeper. 40
Fhtagn! Fhtagn! 0 Stop the ritual. 50
Reawakened Reawakened 0 Collect all achievements. 70