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Unusual Findings Achievements

Full list of Unusual Findings achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Unusual Findings has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pony Hater Pony Hater 0 Don't go around saying that… 30
Pony Rider Pony Rider 0 Can I have a pony for Christmas? 30
Chicken? Chicken? 0 Don’t you ever call me chicken again! 15
Silent fall Silent fall 0 Don't try this at home. 15
Running man Running man 0 I'm into survival. 15
Honey Badger Honey Badger 0 We saw it on a documentary! 15
Close Encounter of The Fourth Kind Close Encounter of The Fourth Kind 0 We come in peace... 70
I Am Error I Am Error 0 We just hope you didn't brute force this. 30
The Terminator The Terminator 0 God knows how much time setting this trap… 80
No time for nerd talk No time for nerd talk 0 No one knows everything. 15
Against the odds Against the odds 0 He is smart, he can do it... 15
Like in Rocko III THIRD BLOOD Like in Rocko III THIRD BLOOD 0 Your worst nightmare. 15
It's over Johnny... I mean Nick It's over Johnny... I mean Nick 0 He might have a red bandana but he is not an action hero. 15
Commando Commando 0 Are you sure you can do this? 30
Horror movie Cliche Horror movie Cliche 0 Lucky for you we are not in a movie. 30
The Abyss The Abyss 0 Okay… this is the point of no return. 30
Ladies man Ladies man 0 Say anything...That's a neat trick but don't over do it. 15
Look who's talking Look who's talking 0 He looks like a glitching robot when he is doing it. 15
Giant Blue Eyed cockroaches Giant Blue Eyed cockroaches 0 Unless you are a cockroach... 15
Really bad hand Really bad hand 0 Even Indiana had to dealt with snakes. 15
Runaway Train Runaway Train 0 What a great escape. Plissken would be proud! 70
Team Mystery Stalkers Team Mystery Stalkers 0 Maybe you can hire... the M-Team. 15
One Man Army One Man Army 0 You deserve some credit for your work. 15
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 We gotta disappear. 30
Bloodsport Bloodsport 0 It ain't about how hard you hit. 30
First Kiss First Kiss 0 Believe me... This works... Said no one. 30
We are The champions We are The champions 0 After some training you get good at this. 30
First Blood First Blood 0 You are not expendable. 90
Little Shop of Horrors Little Shop of Horrors 0 Cool guys don't look at explosions. 90
War Games War Games 0 I love it when a plan comes together. 90