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The Fall of Porcupine Achievements

Full list of The Fall of Porcupine achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Fall of Porcupine has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Was it a dream? Was it a dream? 0 Dream about the last day of summer. 25
Pump up the Jam! Pump up the Jam! 0 Have Basketball game with Mia. 50
Drinks and Games Drinks and Games 0 Play the bar game. 50
Historian of Porcupine Historian of Porcupine 0 Learn the history of Porcupine. 65
Escapism is not a crime Escapism is not a crime 0 Write a comic story. 65
Cooking Mia! Cooking Mia! 0 Cook dinner with Mia. 50
Take it from the rich Take it from the rich 0 Give away the stolen grocery bags. 50
Planks that mean the world Planks that mean the world 0 Rehersal with the theatre crew. 50
Snowball Armageddon Snowball Armageddon 0 Have a snowball fight with Karl. 50
Hospital drama Hospital drama 0 Listen to the unknown voice. 65
A Juggler's Tale A Juggler's Tale 0 Balance the tennis ball for 5 seconds. 65
Go with the flow Go with the flow 0 Learn everything from Frauke. 65
Princess Insomnia Princess Insomnia 0 Bring Emma her book. 65
Second Shower Second Shower 0 Clean Finleys Face completely. 65
Dusk Dusk 0 It was a dream. 25
Night Night 0 Stay with Irma till the end. 25
Dawn Dawn 0 Keep it up. 25
A Big Fish A Big Fish 0 Listen to every Irma story. 65
That'll do, pigeon. That'll do, pigeon. 0 Have an A in total evaluation. 80